10 things you must know about Ghana Ali!

Spotlight   September 9, 2017
"Not everyone who you call a friend is actually a friend." Ghana Ali


Ghana Ali is a true star. Starting her journey from television screens, the actress is making ways on the big screens as well. While her two big films Rangreza and ‘Maan Jao Na‘ are all set to release, we thought to give you a small brief of what the lady is up to.

Here’s everything you should know about Ghana Ali: 

  • Who is your favourite style icon?

It can’t be one I have two — JLo and Blake Lively.

  • What is the strangest thing a fan has ever done or said to you?

I have been lucky enough to have a really nice and loving fan base. Don’t recall anything strange anyone ever said or done.

  • What is your annoying habit?

Not responding to my texts and calls immediately.

  • One thing that you still have or remember vividly from childhood days?

Watching TV alone most of the time as my mum was working and siblings were all busy with their own lives. I didn’t spend enough time with her or at least as much as I would’ve liked to.

  • What is your ultimate motivation to keep pushing through?

My eldest sister’s faith in me and my potential.

  • One unforgettable lesson you have learnt along the way?

Not everyone who you call a friend is actually a friend. Be very selective about your circle of friends.

  • What, in your opinion, has been your greatest achievement so far?

Where I am standing today in my career without any support from anyone, Allhamdullilah.

  • Who is Ghana Ali in three words?

Confident, fearless and passionate.

  • Describe your dream vacation?

It has to be a combination of blue seas with lots of time at the seaside or in water followed by a city break where I can shop till I drop. Something like a week in Seychelles/ Maldives/ Bora Bora followed by Dubai/ NY is ideal.

  • What is your inspiration?

Human behavior, hence the choice of my career. I am trying to do varied roles now as each role enables me to connect with the type of person who is nothing like me. That’s where the challenge comes and I thrive when challenged.

 This article was originally published in GLAM Magazine (July Edition).