5 Must-Go Coffee Shops To Visit This Winter In Karachi

Latest   January 4, 2019
For a coffee lover, there’s no weather or time for drinking coffee.

Karachi is one of those cities of Pakistan which hardly gets any winter but people here love to enjoy winter cuisines no matter what. 

For a coffee lover, there’s no weather or time for drinking coffee but for many people, winter is the only season when they look out for coffee madly. Here are 5 go-to spots which will never disappoint you if you are a coffee lover.

Del Frio – (SMCHS)

Del Frio needs no introduction; it is one of my go-to places when I am with friends. It’s a cozy place which offers great coffees and good food with much variety. At Del Frio, I prefer Latte because most of the times either I end up having Cheese & Mushroom Omelets for the breakfast or Espetada in dinner.

The quality and quantity of food is good. I can easily recommend Cheese and mushroom omelet as it’s seriously loaded and tasty. If you really want to stuff yourself with a good and grand breakfast then with this omelet you can order hash browns and Latte, it will cost you around 1050 – 1100 PKR.

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The food is really good at Del Frio, coffees are better. The only downside is that the waiters are always in hurry and want customers to leave immediately. There’s a fine line between keeping an eye on your customers and eyeing them – which Del Frio’s management needs to understand and train their staff accordingly.

Rating: 4/5

Esquires – (Zamzama)

I recently visited Esquires, at Zamzama, it’s very artistically built cozy coffee house. It offers a huge range of breads, muffins, cakes and coffees. I prefer Cappuccino from Esquires Coffee. It costs around 320 – 350 PKR. The foamy coffee with great blend of taste works best for me in the winter mornings. It is stronger than the latte so you should know what you are ordering beforehand.

At Esquires Coffee, you should also try Three Egg Omelet, a cheesy omelet with lots of mushrooms and jalapenos to add the kick. It’s served with multi-grain/brown bread along with the salad on the side with turkey bacon, salmon and sausages. It costs around 650/- PKR (excluding tax).

Rating: 4.5/5

Floc – (Zamzama)

For the Love of Coffee (Floc) says it with its name. It’s a warm and comfy (at times congested) place for coffee lovers. If you are a strong coffee lover then you should order Flat White (325 – 395/- PKR), as Floc serves one of the finest ones. And if you think you are craving for some different and tasty chocolate drink then you shouldn’t miss Lotus Candi (475/- PKR) or Salted Caramel (475/- PKR), you’ll enjoy them for sure.

Floc also serves some good sandwiches, and my pick from the lot is Steak & Cheese sandwich, it costs around 800 – 900/- PKR. It’s a good deal against this amount.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mocca – (Khayaban-e-Shahbaz)

Mocca Coffee is a new age café which is an amazing place to hold small and intimate meetings, meeting friends or just socializing. Upon entering you will notice that it’s not loud and boisterous like most cafes these days. It’s comparatively calmer and quieter. Set in the modern seating style, café boasts a calming and peaceful environment.

The white walls, are except for the splashes of color in the form on wall pictures, give an airy and open quality to the café. I usually have Latte from Mocca, it’s very balanced, light on taste and those who aren’t ardent coffee lovers will enjoy this milk-coffee to the fullest.

If you are looking for a loaded breakfast which offers you a good deal of meaty beef along with marinated mushrooms then you will like Meat & Taters Omelet. With a Latte it will cost you around 1200 – 1300/- PKR.

Rating: 3/5

Coffee Wagera – (Badar Commercial)

If you are looking for a cost effective place where you can have good variety of coffees in reasonable prices then Coffee Wagera should be your go to place. Hazelnut Latte costs around 200/- PKR and it’s high on taste.

If you are a Latte fan then you will definitely like Hazelnut Latte for sure. Plus, the food at Coffee Wagera is also good and pocket friendly. You can get parathas and brownies at affordable prices between 80 – 150 PKR. They offer free Wi-Fi and water.

Rating: 4/5

With this, I am sure that you get a fair idea which coffee house to visit. If you think there should be more in the list, do share them. We’ll love to hear from you about your favorite coffee shop.