5 reasons that make this donkey the king!

Film & Drama   October 15, 2018
How the film would do is another story but we can tell you why it should be watched.

Animated films might be a new phenomenon for Pakistan’s film industry but the viewers have grown on such endeavors from Hollywood.

Pakistan’s fifth animated film – after 3 Bahadur 1 and 2, Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor and Tick Tock – is here and it turned out to be the king amongst all: The Donkey King!

The project is helmed by Aziz Jindani who had previously delivered Commander Safeguard undoubtedly the most popular of Pakistani animated characters, and now with Mangu Jan Mangu, he has made his comeback in style.

How the film would do is another story but we can tell you why it should be watched and enjoyed, by people of all ages.

You Don’t Get Better Voiceovers Than This!

No animated film in Pakistan has had a bigger, better and diverse voiceover cast than The Donkey King where every actor except Ghulam Mohiuddin was doing animation for the first time.

Be it the legendary Jawed Sheikh, the super talented Shafaat Ali, the TV veteran Shabbir Jan, the comical Mani, the public favourite Hina Dilpazir, the outstanding Irfan Khoosat, the brilliant Adeel Hashmi, the versatile Mehmood Aslam, the VJ dudes Ahsan Rahim and Faisal Qureshi, the Fifty-star Ismail Tara or the evergreen Jan Rambo, each and every actor was outstanding in his or her place.

Shafaat Ali who gave Voice Over for various characters including the contestants at Raja Idol and Lambu, Ghulam Mohiuddin who played the King, Hina Dilapzir who played Miss Fitna and Jan Rambo as Mangu had the most lines whereas the rest played their part and impressed all.

The Script Has A Thing for Everyone

Writer/Director Aziz Jindani and his co-writer Kamran Khimani weaved a script that couldn’t have been bettered.Every character has a signature line that will interest the audience and keep them interested in the narrative without looking once at their watches.

At 100 minutes, The Donkey King tackles everything from the current political scenario, the modern generations dependency on gadgets, the elderlies hopeful nature, the bad streak in seemingly-good people and the rating game played by the media; when you will exit the theatre you will definitely have a smile on your face and will be either humming the title track by Shuja Haider or other songs that take the plot forward rather than derailing it.

The Animation Is at Par with The Best in The World

The best part about The Donkey King is that its animation makes you feel proud despite reminding you of The Lion King, Ferdinand, Shrek, and other Disney classics. By just doing that, the film proves that the animators in Pakistan are at par with the world and can create anything as superb as Hollywood if they set their minds to it.

Not a single frame seemed below standard and that’s why you don’t lose interest in the narration which would have been better had there been an interval. Even without that, the flow is there and keeps you engrossed in the story where the Donkey ends up saving the day. Kudos to the animation team led by Zeeshan Karimi as well as to Shani Arshad for providing an excellent soundtrack to match the wonderful animation that needed the royal treatment!

The Lessons We Get to Learn on The Way

The Donkey King is a preachy film if you look at it from the eyes of a kid but it also tells them how to live their life better.

The Prince was shown as a rich brat who thinks of himself as a cool dude but loses, the media folks are shown as those who support incorrect news but, in the end, realize their mistake, the Goons who believe that no one can stand in front of them get defeated by normal folks and the deceiving Fox gets a taste of her own medicine when she thinks of herself as someone who is too smart.

If that doesn’t tell the kids some important lessons, I don’t know what will.

Everyone Loves an Underdog Story

Who doesn’t love an underdog story especially when it features a donkey as the ‘underdog’! Donkey King revolves around Mangu, a Donkey who dreams big and when he is taken literally for a ride, decides to deal with his issues himself and show the world that nothing is impossible.

How he manages to prove his worth as a King from being a mere simple Dhobi is stuff dreams are made of. He can’t speak properly, has never lived like a rich person and doesn’t have the guts to do the right thing but once made the King, he discovers that his superpower is his belief in what he can do and that’s what he proves by saving his fellow animals from the wrath of a villain far bigger and meaner than all of them combined