6 Promising performers to lookout for in 2020!

Latest   January 31, 2020
2020 is guaranteed to be a big year for these stars; the list also includes your favorite Gulzar!

The brand new decade has kick-started with a ferocious bang and a fresh season of piping-hot entertainment await us!

With a line-up of projects ready to greet us, we are all set to place our bets upon some of the promising performers who are likely to reign on our screens in the upcoming months.

While some of them are already making their mark in their industry, the rest have signed up emerging projects that we are really excited about. Big things are anticipated from these stars as they are poised to take the industry by storm this year.

Remember these faces, they are bound to create a sensation and undoubtedly, will be going places!

Azaan Sami Khan

He came, he saw, he conquered the music scene and is now all set to make it big on the silver screen with “Patakh Dey”

If 2019 was a big year for Azaan with Superstar and Parey Hut Love, then 2020 will be even massive as now all eyes are on his much-awaited movie debut with Hania Aamir.

It’s no surprise that Khan is being tipped for greater things ahead, given that he is incredibly young and has already proved his mettle through composing soundtracks for some of the most popular Pakistani movies. Not to forget, he also penned the screenplay of Superstar that turned out to be a massive hit!

Now the silver screen glory as a leading hero awaits him and we simply cannot wait for the grand moment!

Speaking to Hum Spotlight in an earlier interview, he revealed:

“I haven’t sung and acted as yet; I plan to do both in the coming days. With Patakh De, it will be my debut as an actor opposite HaniaAamir, and alongside Ahsan Khan and ShamoonAbbasi.”

“I have always wanted to act but before that, I wanted to know the basics of showbiz and that’s why my parents rightly advised me to get a grip on how things are done before taking the giant leap,” Azaan added.

Hira Tareen

She is hot, sassy and full of fire- presenting you the Digital Host of Hum Style Awards 2019- ‘Hira Tareen’.

The sensation is on a roll ever since her role as the antagonist Salma in Khaas made ripples on television. The drama became one of the year’s most prominent conversation starters, with her character right in the middle of all of it.

And now, 2020 began with an eventful start for her as she will be hosting Hum Style Awards on digital, happening this weekend.

However, we are curious about what is coming up next for the accomplished actress. She is already ruling over YouTube with her Lifestyle Vlog but we want to see her more in dramas and who knows, even on the big screen!

Hira, if you are reading this, we hope you will surprise us with an announcement soon!

Hajra Yamin

Already a critical darling, Hajra has worked hard in the previous years to make a name for herself in the entertainment world.

Currently reaping all the love as Ramsha in Ehd e Wafa, there is so much more of her character that is yet to be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

What’s more, her unconventional pair with Wahaj Ali has taken social media by storm and the New Year has marked them as one of the hottest couples of the drama season.

But the best is yet to come for Hajra! The actress is all set to star in yet another Hum TV project coming soon and we are on the lookout for more details.

We would not be surprised to see the beauty signing more movies after Pinky Memsaab as her bubbly face and acting chops are just perfect for her to shine on the silver screen.

Sabeena Farooq

If you enjoyed her character as the wacky Maina in Suno Chanda 2, good news- you will be seeing her soon in the upcoming Hum TV drama ‘Kashf’.

Sabeena also played a leading role in Hum TV’s Log Kia Kahengay but she remains remembered and cherished as Maina.

So much so, the actress revealed that this role turned out to be a game-changer for her and gave her fame like never before.

“It was obvious after Maina I felt fame and popularity amongst people. The journey has been awesome since then. People now call me Maina and they don’t even know my name. In fact, my friends who have been calling me by my name my whole life now call me Maina. In my workspace, people call me Maina.”

“As far as I believe, this is a sign of the success of an artist that he or she starts getting recognized.”

“People even started comparing me with the characters of the good old PTV times- the golden era- that I performed such a character that will be remembered for a long time. Career-wise, I got a lot of work due to Maina and people told me that my acting skills while playing Maina has proved me to be a tremendous actor.”

Soon to be seen in Kashf, we asked Sabeena about her role in the drama!

“Kashf is one of my dream projects and hopes it does well. My character of Kashf is of a girl who just lives on her own terms. She doesn’t want to listen to anyone, not even herself at times.”

Whatever Sabeena will do next, she’s sure to be a standout star.

Adnan Samad Khan

Ehd-e-Wafa might be a story of four friends, Saad, Shahzain, Shahryar, and Shariq but the drama would have been incomplete without the hilarious antics of the goofball Gulzar.

Credit goes to the actor Adnan Samad Khan who has aced the character like a boss and has become the life of the drama.

Despite at an early stage in his career, Khan is reaping acclaim from critics and has developed a loyal fan base. Social media cannot help showering praise over the debutant and even Imran Ashraf took to Twitter to laud the rising star!

However, in a candid chat, Adnan Samad divulged to us that he surely didn’t see so much love coming his way as Gulzar!

My journey as Gulzar has been fantastic. However, I had not anticipated achieving this much appreciation and I want to thank every single fan of mine for their love!

For those who are unaware, the talented performer always aspired to be an actor and now is eager to prove his acting prowess by playing more versatile roles!

“I want to play all types of characters. I don’t want myself labeled for a specific genre in my career.”

This is just the beginning of the breakout actor. Hopefully, we will be seeing more of Adnan Samad Khan in 2020 and he will be enthralling us with more powerful performances in the future.

Meiraj Haq

Pakistani YouTubers are no less than celebrities in their realm. And soon one of our local Vloggers ‘MeirajHaq’ is all set to grace the small screen in the upcoming Hum TV drama ‘Sabaat’.

Directed by Shehzad Kashmiri, Sabaat will star Usman Mukhtar and Sarah Khan in leading roles. Meiraj will be seen in a supporting role in the drama.

We had a tête-à-tête with Meiraj Haq and asked him more about his role in the drama. Here’s what he revealed to us:

The name of my character is Dr. Murad in Sabaat. He is a psychiatrist and is best friends with Dr. Haris, which is being played by Usman Mukhtar.”

The chemistry between the two characters is something a lot of friends will be able to relate to.

It is no less than an achievement for the rising YouTuber to bag a role in a drama so promising, that too across hotly-tipped stars like Usman and Sarah.

So what’s next for Meiraj? Will he continue acting or seek a career as a YouTuber? We couldn’t help asking him.  Much to our surprise, he already has more projects coming soon.

There are some more projects in the pipeline and hopefully, you will see me more on the small and the big screen. I plan on making a career out of this!”

As far as YouTube is concerned, that is something I will never quit. Everything will become digital in the next 2-3 years and having a platform like YouTube couldn’t be any better because it gives you complete freedom as a filmmaker and content creator.

We have our eyes peeled for the promos of Sabaat! Here’s to wishing that the drama releases soon.