7 life lessons Ft. Saba Qamar

Latest   June 18, 2019
They don't call her the queen for nothing! Agreed?

One of the most popular and high paid actresses in the world, Saba Qamar is looked up-to by many as a role model!

Being one of the finest actresses in the industry she is: humble, a realist and has one of the most strongest personalities you’ll ever come across.

Here we talk about how ‘7 times Saba Q gave us a reality check and taught us a little something about ‘life.’

1- ‘Keep smiling’ should be your motto in life

2- Meditation is the best way to let go of all the added stress

3- Stay focused and you will never miss your goal!

4- Learn to enjoy life and the work that you do

5- Nature is the best therapy for a soul

6- Only the strong minded read books #ReadToUnderstand

7- Most importantly, love yourself #OwnYourself