7 Reasons Why Chhalawa Should Not Be Missed

Latest   June 10, 2019
Asrad Khan is one of the best cinematographers in Pakistan and he impresses in Chhalawa as well.

Wajahat Rauf’s Chhalawa is a clear cut family entertainer that will be a treat to watch for those who visit the cinemas this Eid to be entertained.

The film has its moments where some of the actors give memorable performances and take you into the ‘all-is-well’ world where love conquers all, even hate. Mehwish Hayat carries the film on her shoulders but it is Zara Noor Abbas who manages to surprise the audience with her performance as the electrifying younger sister, who loves film, filmi heroes and Leo (oh yes!).

Then there is a father who is always in a happy mood except when it concerns his daughters, a brother who wants to be there for his sisters and so forth. Let us make it easier for you to know whether you should go and watch the film in cinemas or not, and the film ends up with quite a number of positives. Here goes:

Mehwish Hayat – The ‘Hero’ Of The Film!

She is without any doubt the number 1 actress in Pakistan and Mehwish Hayat proves that by carrying the film on her shoulders. With her looks and confidence, she weaves a magical spell that is too hard to ignore and keeps you engrossed in your seat till the climax.

It’s a known fact that she looks outstanding in western attire but here, in eastern outfits she dazzles the audience. And then there are the dance numbers where she has no match; not since Billi has she set the stage on fire like this and the two numbers Chhalawa and Chirya are a proof that she is both a fine actress and an excellent dancer.

Zara Noor Abbas – The Surprise Package!

Any director worth his salt would be happy to rope in a good actress who can do comedy and dance her heart out in a film; Wajahat Rauf was lucky to find two. One Mehwish Hayat, second Zara Noor Abbas. It may be her debut flick but Chhalawa belongs to Zara as much as it does to Mehwish.

Not only is it difficult to stand in front of Mehwish Hayat in a dance number, but it is also difficult to make the audience notice you when Billi is on fire. Zara manages to do exactly that with her dancing skills and impresses all if not many. That she is beautiful does have an impact on her acting especially the scene after the interval where she stands in front of her father and her on-screen boyfriend played by real-life hubby Asad Siddiqui.

Notable Entity – The Boys do a fine job!

Talking of Asad Siddiqui, the actor does a good job for someone who is new to films; he plays a conman who helps his friend played by Azfar Rehman elope with his girl. The problem arises when he himself falls in love with the girl’s younger sister and all hell breaks lose.

TV’s Mehmood sahib – Mehmood Aslam – proves his versatility in the film by playing a landlord who is very protective of his daughters but wants to get them married within the family, meaning to their first cousin who is neither a good match, not a bad one but an evil one.

Then there is Aashir Wajahat impressing with his acting skills for the third time in his father’s film and it’s about time the young man makes his own mark into the world, in another camp that doesn’t have its ‘Batcave’ in his own home. Azfar Rehman might remind you of an old-school hero but the truth is, such characters still exist in our society and he reflects that mindset.

Stop Press – There is a proper villain out there!

It was good to see Adnan Shah Tipu finally getting a role he deserves; the veteran actor has been playing henchmen since the revival of films with no one willing to cast him as the bad guy – until now.

He does a good job with the theatre actor turned film actor Mohsin Ejaz who is the main antagonist in the movie. Nor does he resemble his onscreen father, he gives a good enough performance to be noticed by all the filmmakers out there who want to have a classy villain who looks good, gives threatening vibes and above all, can do the job for a long time. Good job Mohsin!

The Script reminds you of Wajahat’s previous films

Although the script is not as good as some of the classic films we have had over the years, some of the scenes, especially the overlapping ones, have been well scripted. Yes, the story has no direction, there are not many dialogues to remember by but the feel-good factor is always there when you are watching the film.

Wajahat Rauf has written the script with inputs from Yasir Hussain who is surprisingly not part of the film otherwise he might have been the conman, and we would have not been able to watch Asad Siddiqui make his impressive debut.

Mesmerizing Soundtrack by Shiraz Uppal

The only thing that looks even better the combined impressive performances of the cast is Shiraz Uppal’s soundtrack. The Punjab Nahi Jaungi music director continues to churn songs that are memorable and danceable, with Chirya taking the cake.

It might not have been placed ideally in the film but who cares if you get a foot tapping number that is graced by Mehwish Hayat, and involves you just like Billi did a few years back. The title track is also done well where the playback singers breathe life to the song whereas the actors make it all the more exciting with their dance steps.

The rest of the songs are in the background and you will be made to search for Shiraz Uppal once you are done with the film, such is the impact of his songs.

Impressive Cinematography by Asrad Khan

Asrad Khan is one of the best cinematographers in Pakistan and he impresses in Chhalawa as well. Yes, there is too much happening on the screen at one time but that’s because the director has a lot to offer.

Asrad makes the surroundings – be it indoors or outdoors – look good and it will be a good enough reason to watch the countryside and be impressed with the scenic beauty we don’t appreciate much.