7 reasons why you should be watching Baandi

Film & Drama   October 29, 2018
Baandi is the story of many realities, many hopes and many dreams.

Airing on Fridays on Hum TV, Baandi tells the story of how a young, innocent, village dwelling girl named Meeru (played by Aiman Khan).

As the story proceeds, she runs away from an evil feudal who wants to forcibly take her and she ends up in a city in the house of a horrible family where she faces abuse and torment.

Baandi is the story of many realities, many hopes and many dreams. If you haven’t caught up with it already, here are some of the reasons why you should tune in right now and check all the episodes out!

Social Issue: Abuse of Domestic Servants

An important issue that Baandi speaks of is the abuse of domestic servants in Pakistan. In our part of the world, young girls are often taken from underprivileged families and are forced to work at low wages for rich and powerful families.

Even a lot of respected members of society such as lawyers, doctors have been involved in abuse of domestic servants. This shows that this pervasive social issue is relevant to many people who are watching our dramas and learning from them.

An important lesson in materialism

A subtext in Baandi is how people who put material wealth and superficial success above and beyond everything, even genuine relationships, are pretty terrible people. We also learn an important lesson that not everything should be driven by money or business or commercial interest – as a society we should also practice and value compassion, tolerance and fair play.

An important lesson in emotional abuse

Very often, marriages are made for the sake of the aforementioned commercial and business interests. They do not take into account that the partner may be emotionally abusive, such marriages should be dissolved. Emotional abuse leads to physical abuse therefore should be immediately highlighted and not at all shoved under the carpet just to protect the ‘image’ of the family.


Composed and sung by Sahir Ali Bagga with assisting vocals of Beena Khan, the lyrics are penned by the drama’s writer, Asma Nabeel. It has a beautiful qawwali feel and fits perfectly in the sociopolitical melancholy of the story.


Yasir Hussain as ‘Saeen’

Yasir Hussain, mostly noted for his comic roles is playing an evil character. Yasir spoke about playing this role to Spotlight and said that he’s very happy with the script by Asma Nabeel and direction by Ahmad Kamran.

“The character is short but incredibly well-written. I’ve always wanted to do a negative character and they’ve both showed me so opposite of who I am. I tried working as hard as I could because we shot in the summers in interior Sindh and Karachi.”

Hina Dilpazeer as ‘Faiza Begum’

Faiza Begum is a religious preacher and a rich socialite. Faiza’s character is a fantastic look into the hypocritical preachers of society who use religion as a tool to exploit others and keep a garb of decency and morality. In secret they are very horrible beings and do the exact opposite of what they preach.

Hina does a fantastic job in making the character highly realistic while portraying the message with utmost perfection.

A very good brother sister bond: Wali and Rameen

Wali, played by Muneeb Butt, and Rameen, played by Hajra Yamin, are inseparable siblings who are fully aware of how evil their parents really are. Rameen got married at the age of 16 and has been through hell as she has a horrible wealthy husband. She relies solely on her younger brother, Wali who tries fighting for her.

He’s not always successful but he’s always in her corner and we see that he’s a great brother and is trying everything in his power to save his sister from her horrible life.

Aiman and Muneeb

The real life couple, Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt share a lovely chemistry that is shown in the OST and teasers. Aiman’s character ‘Meeru’ comes to work in the house of Wali (Muneeb Butt) and that is the beginning of their love story which their fans will gladly enjoy.