Aehsun Talish and Imran Ashraf expect high from ‘Mushq’

Film & Drama   November 12, 2019
'Mushq is all about Ishq', says Imran Ashraf.

You may know Imran Ashraf as a versatile actor but the guy is a talented writer as well and wrote the mega-hit Tabeer a few years back.

Now he is back with Mushq his second play as a writer that will also feature him in the lead alongside the beautiful Urwa Hocane. There seems to be a pattern to Imran Ashraf’s dramas, because both the times he has collaborated with Aehsun Talish who is currently riding high due to Ye Dil Mera due to its haunting theme.

Spotlight decided to talk to these two wonderful people regarding their upcoming project, and how do they feel on collaborating once again.

Imran, what made you write another drama after Tabeer and why did you choose Mushq for a title?

Imran Ashraf: I like to write whenever I have time and Mushq was in development for some time. The title is inspired by Ishq Mushq because it is as much about Ishq as it is about Mushq. 

We have tried to attach it with the title so that it stands out as well as seem different. All I can say about the drama is that both Aehsun bhai and I have tried to come up with something that is both arty and commercial.

Aehsun, what made you opt for Mushq so soon after Yeh Dil Mera?

Aehsun Talish: Actually it’s not soon since I’m starting Mushq on its timeline. It’s just that Ye Dil Mera got a bit of more time in making than usual but trust me, it’s just normal.

Both of you are collaborating for the second time as a writer-director; what makes the other person different from other writers/directors you have worked with?

Imran Ashraf: As a writer, I haven’t worked with any other director than Ahsan bhai that’s why I don’t know if there is any difference or not.

He is a very intelligent director who not only gives me the margin as a writer but also instructs me in a constructive way. He is not just a senior director but an actor too and I get to learn a lot from him whenever we work together, be it as an actor or a writer.

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Aehsun Talish: Yes, Mushq is our second collaborated effort after TabeerAs a writer and actor, Imran Ashraf gives soul to every scene, every dialogue as the voice inside him is gender barred, timeless and organic. His characters live and breathe his dialogues which are an actor’s and director’s delight.

We are quite excited to see Imran Ashraf and Urwa Hocane together … do tell us something about the play?

Aehsun Talish: I’m also excited to have Urwa on board and I have a lot of expectations with the character she’s playing. Mushq is a play about love, about how can anyone hide or stay away from this notion of love, its smell, and aroma.  The fragrance envelopes you eventually, and that’s what Mushq is all about.

Hum TV has always been lucky for you … what are your expectations this time around?

Imran Ashraf: Hum TV has always been lucky for me, be it as a writer or an actor. Both my first play as an actor and writer were with Hum TV and that’s why I am a little nervous this time around. Nervous because expectations are high after Tabeer as a writer and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and Inkaar as an actor.

All I can say is that I have worked hard on the script and when you work hard, you expect people to appreciate the effort. We are trying to give Mushq the same energy as our last play, and hope for the best.