Ahsan khan opens up about ‘Chupan Chupai’ and working with new comers

Spotlight   December 6, 2017
I don’t mind 'not being the lead' if the script is good, Ahsan khan.


Packed with an ensemble cast, a fun soundtrack, Chupan Chupai looks like an interesting caper comedy that will be a total paisa vusool film.

Spotlight caught up with one of its main leads, veteran actor Ahsan Khan, to talk more about the film and what we can expect from it.


1. What kind of a film is Chupan Chupai?

Ahsan Khan: It is a comedy the satirizes the ugliest aspects of urban life in a city, with the aim of shining a light to our real problems, by adding humor, comedy and glamour to a decidedly sorted issue.


2. Why should we go watch the film?

AK: Because the film is full of fun and I feel that, that the kind of films that were released recently, they had a lot of serious themes and this is a film that will be non-serious, something you can enjoy. You will come out of the cinemas laughing or at least with a good feeling, definitely.


3. What is your role like?

AK: It’s a rough, casual guy, who wants to do something, who has dreams to do something but cannot do them out of stupidity and naivete. He tries hard, but he’s got some bad luck. He has this psychotic issue which will be revealed in the film. He’s a bit crazy in the head.


4. You didn’t make a debut as the lead starer, rather chose to be a part of an ensemble cast with newcomers. Why was that?

AK: I feel that comedy is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. In television, there is little quality comedy. I think sitcoms don’t have a lot of standard. There isn’t quality or satire. I did one of the Nadeem Baig’s plays of the Baraat stories and I liked the story. I liked the satire and comedic situations in it. I’ve been doing lead and I’ve ‘not’ been doing leads.


I don’t mind not being the lead if the script is good. Like in Udaari, the character was negative but it became a lead character.

Paani Jesa Pyaar did not have me as a lead either but it did really well. Dastaan didn’t see me as a lead either, but it was a very pivotal and important character. I mostly choose to do what I enjoy. I felt very good that I’m working with new people and supporting them.

Their characters are equally great as mine. People might get the impression that Ahsan is the lead in the film but the other characters are equally strong and in the ‘lead’. I enjoy working like this because there is a mix of new people and the more experienced people and it’s quite fun.



5. Is there something specific that you’d like your audiences to remember about your role?

AK: You know because it’s a satire/comedy, there isn’t a lot of bhaashan or lectures that I’m going to give in the role that people will remember me for. But something interesting about my character is that he has a mental disorder of sorts and it’s something a lot of boys would relate. Well, not relate, but they might like this mental disorder.


6. Any interesting events or experiences while shooting for the film?

AK: The four boys of the film, we are in this dark little dungeon sort of a place where someone is beating us up. And we don’t know who is beating us up. And that was really funny to me because we were on the floor, rolling around in the dirt. It was like a ghost is beating us up. It was funny – but the film is not really a ‘comedy’ comedy. It’s not a stupid comedy. There’s a proper story that takes on funny twists and turns.


7. What are your thoughts about the cast and crew of the film?

AK: Our cinematographer, Jeff, has worked on series like X Factor and he had come from the US to do this film for us. It was a lot of fun working with him and he had learnt our language. He was very hard working. He would ask everything what we’re saying and doing.


The rest of the cast, all these kids from NAPA, were at my house for 15 days – Ali Rizvi, Zaid, Wajdaan, Neelam – they would all sit and read in my house. I found that very interesting because the stage where I am, we usually do readings alone or on the sets. So, to take this kinda time out for reading was very interesting to me. They were new people and they were so focused. I really wanted to get along with them and develop a chemistry with them. Mohsin Ali writes this kind of script wonderfully.


He writes serious dramas well too but he is really good with these kinda comedies. Javed Sheikh, Arshad Mahmood, Sakina Sammo, Rehan Sheikh – what can I say about them, they’re all great actors. Adnan Jaffer plays a police wala, Chaudhary. Then there are some cameos. Jerry and his team have organized the sets of the film who also worked on Punjab Nahi Jaungi.


The post of the film is done with a lot of hard work and it’s not being done in Pakistan, it’s being done abroad. The songs are by Soch Band, they’re very new, youth-oriented and catchy. Everyone who has involved in the film is great and they’re my friends now. It’s a lot of fun, yeah.