Azekah Daniel proves she is a force to be reckoned with in Malaal e Yaar

Latest   August 8, 2019
My character in Malaal e Yaar is about standing up for your own self: Azekah Daniel


Pakistan’s entertainment industry needs to churn out dramas highlighting women empowerment more than ever before.

Gone are the days where audiences eagerly watched ‘the damsel in distress’ avatars on screen. In fact, there is a strong social media movement against dramas that portray women as weak. And it seems that our directors have finally taken note about viewer’s choice to watch content that matters

For those in a mood to watch an empowering story, need to tune in to HUM TV’s upcoming drama ‘Malaal e Yaar’, directed by Asad Jabbal and written by Hina Huma Nafees.

Boasting a bold topic and highlighting a heroic woman, the story is fierce and intense in its narrative. Condemning feudalism in Pakistan in its essence, the drama has gripped eyeballs with its riveting teasers and OST.

And guess who has stolen the spotlight in all of the promos?

The young and ferocious female lead- Azekah Daniel

Innately stylish, very popular and making waves all over industry; the girl with the megawatt smile Azekah Daniel has managed to charm us all with her performances.

Boasting immense potential and clearly making an impact with her acting trysts, there is no stopping the quintessential beauty who has stunned us with her powerful character in Malaal e Yaar.

The drama is unlike any of her earlier projects. A warrior against the cruel feudal lords in her village, Azekah plays the role of the headstrong Hooriya who dares to defy the suffocating cultural norms.

Spotlight had a heart to heart with Azekah and the trailblazer spilled the beans over her character in the drama.

Tell us briefly about your role             

Azekah: I play the character of Hooriya in Malaal e Yaar. It’s a very strong and bold character who speaks her mind and follows her heart till she comes face to face with a life-changing situation.

The teaser shows a stark difference in your character from your previous projects. What made you sign this drama?

The reason I chose to do this project is that I do believe in the character that I am playing and I want to get a message across to my audience especially the women out there. I had read about the feudal system but it has always been hard for me to believe that it actually still happens.

Another reason for me to do this project is our director Mr. Asad Jabal. He brought out the best in me for this character which was a learning experience on its own

How do you think the drama will help in defining women empowerment in our country?

Women empowerment is basically a process in which it defines what a woman can do, be and accomplish in situations they were denied previously. So my character in Malaal e Yaar is about standing up for your own self against these feudal lords. Raise your voice on situations and beliefs that were against women and make a difference in society as an individual.

Describe Malaal e Yaar in one sentence for the audience?

Living in the 21st century with the world progressing so fast there are still some who stick to their old traditions and beliefs, thinking that a woman can be nothing more than a wife and a mother. Women are still not respected and considered as an individual in our society.

Mirza Zain Baig Looks Ready to Kill in the Teasers

The model-turned-actor, Zain Baig is Azekah’s leading companion in the drama. Hostile in his role and deadly in his looks, he has donned the role of the dominant Malik Balaaj- the feudal Lord that has his eyes on Hooriya.

Eager to make her life miserable and punish her family over grudges of the past, Balaaj looks every inch nefarious in his deeds and Zain has aced the devious persona.

We are predicting that Hooriya’s crusade against feudal lords will be tough and tiring. But we have a strong hunch that she will manage to tame the rogues with her determination.

Also spotted in the teasers are Zainab Shabbir, Jahenzeb Gurchani, Seemi Pasha, Natasha Ali, Sohail Sameer, Maryam Noor, Faraz Farooqui, Humera Bano & Others.

Hamza Firdous also seems to have a pivotal role to play in the drama but the teasers don’t reveal much about his character.

Malaal e Yaar is all set to hit our TV screens this Thursday at 9:10 PM.