Best OSTs of 2019 that we couldn’t get enough of!

Latest   December 16, 2019
Aangan's exceptional composition has made it the ‘most expensive OST in Pakistan’s history’.


Each year, Pakistani dramas bestow us with soul-stirring Original Soundtracks (OSTs), rich with moving lyrics and captivating compositions.

A stunning title track not only adds a personality and mood to the drama but it also possesses an art of story-telling that move drama-aficionados through an entire spectrum of emotions, all within mere seconds.

Some make us dance away, the rest make us cry, but most importantly they all make us fall in love and influence the music taste for generations to come.

It has been an incredible year for soundtracks in dramas, so this is a cut-throat competition. We curated a list of chart-topping OSTs that were heartbreakingly beautiful and will be remembered for years to come!

Anaa (7,979,729 views)

Singer & Composer: Sahir Ali Bagga and Hania Aamir

Writer & Lyricist: Imran Raza and Sameera Fazal

Why this OST is a hit:

Topping the chart with 7.9 Million views, Anaa’s OST has no comparison to the rest of the songs mentioned in this list.

After Sajjal Ali, Hira Mani and Junaid Khan, Hania Amir has also joined the bandwagon and sung the OST of her drama serial “Anaa”. We must say that Hania never misses a chance to impress the audience!

Ishq Zahe Naseeb (4,802,422 views)

Singer & Composer: Naveed Nashad

Writer & Lyricist: Hashim Nadeem

Why this OST is a hit: Crossing more than 4 million views to date, Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s OST has made it to our heart.

It is unique in its passionate lyrics, innovative composition and Naveed Nashad’s vocals make the melody stand out from the rest. The OST initially sets a sweet tone that later takes a fast-paced turn to depict the obsession of a soul, drenched in love.

Earlier in an interview with Hum Spotlight, the singer and composer Naveed Nashad shared his experience while working on Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s OST.

Here’s what he had to say:

Being a dark subject, Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s OST was a massive challenge to compose as per the twists in its plot. But I even sang it and loved working on it.

Ehd-e-Wafa (4,520,217 views)

Singer: Ali Zafar, Asim Azhar, Sahir Ali Bagga and Aima Baig

Lyrics: Imran Raza

Why this OST is a hit:

It’s been ages since we have been blessed with an ‘ultimate Dosti’ song and Ehd-e-Wafa’s OST was no less than a sweet treat that friends of all time and ages are bound to love!

Like its ensemble cast, the squad of its title track’s singers is equally star-studded with Ali Zafar, Aima Baig, Asim Azhar, and Sahir Ali Bagga united for this stunning, lively tune.

Garnering more than 4 million views in just two months, the drama’s OST carries on to reap love like its poignant story which has become a hit in the country.


Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (2,377,791 views)

Singers: Rahma Ali, Muqadraan & Saania (Justin Girls)
Composition & Lyrics: Sami Khan

Why this OST is a hit: Many might not be aware but the iconic Justin Girls is the voice behind the prelude of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.

The opening lines themselves set the mood of the tune, giving you major goosebumps. And then Rahma Ali’s powerful voice takes you on a mystical journey, depicting heartbreak and the restlessness of a lover’s heart.

The track’s dramatic beats and classic-contemporary feel makes it all the more addictive that you just cannot get enough of this OST!

Watch the making of the tune here! 


Aangan (3,593,542 views)

Singers: Farhan Saeed & Naveed Nashad

Composer: Naveed Nashad

Lyrics: Imran Raza

Why this OST is a hit: We all know how much grandAangan was as a drama. Consequently, for such an avant-garde periodic drama, its OST had to be equally extraordinary and became an instant sensation upon its release.

An out-and-out romantic number, Farhan Saeed’s heartfelt voice captivates you throughout this masterpiece of music. Equal credit goes to the man behind the composition, Naveed Nashad who also complimented Farhan’s honeyed vocals in the tune.

The sound of the ‘tabla’ and lush orchestrations combined with its heart-rending lyrics compels you to listen to this OST over and over again.

Its exceptional composition has made it the ‘most expensive OST in Pakistan’s history’.

According to Naveed Nashad:

I wish my tunes have numerous musicians and a large orchestra. I have worked on Aangan’s OST and it is the most expensive OST in Pakistan’s history to date. As many as 60 musicians were involved in it.

Ye Dil Mera (909,490 views)

Singers: Sajal Aly & Naveed Nashad

Composer: Naveed Nashad

Lyrics: AehsunTalish

Why this OST is a hit: Hauntingly beautiful, Ye Dil Mera’s ‘Tip Tip’ continues to trend on social media, becoming one of the most popular OSTs of the season.

One of the major reasons it went viral was Sajal Aly’s endearing voice that managed to charm everyone. While any female songstress could have taken place behind the mic, it seems like Aehsun Talish chose his leading lady to croon the track and surely, his choice proved to be right.

A couple of years ago, Sajal had also sung ‘O Rangreza’s’ OST- a peppy, vibrant melody that marked the starlet’s singing debut.

With ‘Tip Tip’, the actress overtook a much challenging task, with the track being a melancholic melody. However, she managed to do utter justice to it!

Yet again, Naveed Nashad paired up with Sajal for this duet and has also composed this OST.


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