Calling all foodies: Scrumptious burgers you need to try in Karachi

Blogs   September 4, 2018
Karachi is known for quality food and this is one of the main reasons why, in Karachi, multiple eateries are coming up.

Since 90’s the trend of eating fast food augmented in our society and the term “Burger generation” invented. The fact is, no one minds to be called “Burger” because of the undying love for burgers and sandwiches.

Even today, restaurants and cafes are serving scrumptious burgers for foodies and people can’t neglect that they love juicy, spicy and well-made burgers. Whether they are gourmet burgers, fried chicken fillets or beefy patties we love them all.

If you are in Karachi and looking for a decent burger, which is a definite value for the money which you plan to invest, following are some amazing and “must-try” burgers and sandwiches which we recommend you;

Meat The Cheese

This place is heaven for those who fall under the head of “Meat Lovers” and “Cheese Lovers”. Meat The Cheese offers finest burgers and sandwiches in Karachi, hands down. The “Chipotle Beef Ef” is one of my favorites; it’s a burger which is oozing with cheese, tender, spicy and loaded.

If you love burgers which makes you go messy with the juices, sauces and spices then this one will satisfy your desire. The taste of the patty is unique and has amazing distinctive taste. According to a few, the price range is towards the higher end but personally speaking, the taste I experience at Meat The Cheese is worth spending 600 – 800 PKR for a burger.

Rating: 4.5 / 5


POW was recommended to me by a friend and I hesitantly tried it a few months ago. POW offers good burgers which are juicy, meatier and very satisfying. I mostly tried beef burgers from POW like Meltdown and Louisiana.

Meltdown offers genuine flavor of beef mince mixed with spicy sauce and softness which is a cherry on top. The burger size is good and is sufficient for a person’s hunger. Do try this when you visit POW.

Rating: 3 / 5


Recently a new sandwich outlet has opened up with the name of Slamvich. Slamvich does not offer dine in services but it is open for take-away and deliveries in close proximities.

If you are looking for sandwiches which are oozing with cheese, beef or chicken then this is one place you need to visit. I am fan of 2 slamviches namely Tender Slam and Meat n’ Melt. Price range varies from 350 – 450 PKR.

Tender Slam has chunks of steak filled in the slamvich and had mushrooms along with herbs plus extreme sauces. It is loaded and satisfying. Those who like good quality steak with a little pinkish meat will surely love this heavenly sandwich.

Meat n’ Melt is the name of yummy and scrumptious thick patty of moist, juicy and cheesy beef which is so mouthwatering that you cannot ignore the taste. It has a kick in the taste. Those who are fans of thick and juicy patty with quality mince will drool over Meat n’ Melt.

Rating: 4 / 5

Kay Bees

Kay Bees is the name which is largely known by the foodies of Karachi. It is one of the oldest cafes and restaurants of Karachi. The old-school club sandwich that is served at Kay Bees is consistent and loaded.

People from offices and students order club-sandwiches frequently from Kay Bees, although they also have a pretty decent and hefty Jalapeno burger which is loved by many food lovers. When it comes to club sandwiches or barbeque club sandwiches, Kay Bees never disappoints its loyal customers and fans.

Rating: 4 / 5