Flexibility takes you a long way and that’s how people excel in their careers: Farhan Ally Agha

Latest   January 22, 2020
Suno Chanda, Ye Dil Mera and Tera Yahan Koi Nahin, Farhan Ally Agha is on a roll!

Pakistan has been blessed with some talented legends that have been and still are the driving force for entertaining the audience for decades.

These revered thespians have played a massive role in revolutionizing the course of our country’s entertainment industry and have become a household name with their mass star appeal.

One such hero is Farhan Ally Agha.

An actor so huge, we bet his career legacy will extend far and beyond his lifespan. From serious dramatic roles to comedic characters, playing a dandy hero to donning a fatherly avatar, he has become the quintessential actor that is spotted in most blockbuster dramas.

There is a reason Farhan rules everything and is everywhere. He can easily slip into any character and play it effortlessly, even if he is shooting for multiple dramas at a time.

He is a born-star and he knows it, playing his strengths to his best! Currently, he has graced our screens as Safeer in MeraYahan Koi Nahi and rocking his supporting character as Ghauri in Ye Dil Mera.

We caught up with the modest soul and probed about his roles in Ye Dil Mera and Tera Yahan Koi Nahin. Not to forget, we asked him about Suno Chanda season 3!

Here’s all that he told us about his dramas, his striking good looks and what’s more to come!

Did you find it challenging to play the role of Safeer in Tera Yahan Koi Nahin, given the fact the drama addresses the remarriage of widows in Pakistani society?

The role was not challenging but it was rather enjoyable.

Safeer’s character in Tera Yahan Koi Nahin is very human. Most people are very sensitive about their issues and own feelings. Safeer is shown to feel more for others and is more considerate towards them. He also has all resources from a worldly point of view to help people out.

All these issues shown in this drama are real matters of our society. At times, things don’t always fall in place and it gets difficult for a person to attain his desires, their fulfillment is often delayed. Tera Yahan Koi Nahin is a story of such an incomplete emotion in life that makes you strongly feel about what’s missing despite having every other thing in life. However, its fulfillment, true commitment, and true love usually have a happy ending if you are dedicated and sincere to it. Things fall into place with nature’s cycle.

However, these societal concerns are real that mismatches happen and unfortunate incidents take place. But these are realities of life. The plot talks about how certain things bring us grief in life but there are still some people out there in the world that think about others, feel for them and help humanity without any selfish motive.

Nevertheless, it was not an easy project. It has input and effort of several people, hard work both on-screen and behind the camera, especially that of our director Haseeb Ali. I have worked with Haseeb before as well in ‘Jethani’. A director needs to take a project seriously to the extent that it becomes part of an actor’s feelings. A performer cannot deliver his or her role properly as long as those emotions and vision are communicated by the director. Without his input, an actor can’t conceive those feelings that the script demands from him.

Every scene is like a brick that shapes it into a project. It is built on the everyday contribution that later gets praised by people and results in ratings on-screen. It is always teamwork and the hard work pumped into this project that belongs to everyone.

Sawera Nadeem never fails to impress fans on screen. How was your experience creating magic with her in the drama?

Sawera Nadeem is a wonderful actress and she is very talented. She is the one who actually creates all the magic. I am glad that she was my co-star in Tera Yahan Koi Nahin and it was a delightful experience working with her. All the charm is truly created by her magic and sometimes I had to make an effort that I respond on screen at the same level as her. Some of the interactive scenes are very sensitive, based on delicate issues and had to be performed with intense feelings.

So the power in this serial is all about emotions and situations. A lot of effort has been done to bring that factor out. No doubt, Sawera Nadeem is a true artist and I couldn’t be happier to share the screen with her in the drama.

Adnan Siddiqui is trending these days and his powerful performances have become the talk of the town. Did you find it intimidating sharing screen space with him in YeDilMera?

Not at all. Adnan and I are both experienced actors. It has been a long time that we have been working together in different spheres. We both have long career profiles based on decades since the beginning of the early 2000s.

It happens that sometimes one project or the other gets hit! However, it has now become a second nature to play characters on their merit, according to the script and this is the crux of the Performing Arts. To prove true to this art is a sign of a fine actor, veteran and a professional.

But Adnan has done a good job in all of his projects and it is always a wonderful experience working with him.

Share with us your experience working with Ahad Raza Mir.

It was very enjoyable. Ahad is super talented and my journey started with him from YaqeenKa Safar. Ye DilMera is my second project with him. He is very humble and down-to-earth. He has got a bright future ahead of him. Even on sets, he is always there, focused on his scenes and a great human being to interact and work with.\

However, the best is yet to come and there is a long way to go for both of us.

Your acting career boasts successful Hum TV dramas like SadqayTumharay, YaqeenKa Safar, AlifAllaAurInsaan, Tawaan, Aanaa, Suno Chanda and lately, Ye DilMera and Tera Yaha Koi Nai. Is that a conscious decision or it just happens?

Hum TV and MD Productions have been the core of my career in terms of acting on television. The majority of my projects are of MominaDuraid productions and have been telecasted on Hum TV. It’s always a new feather in the cap whenever new projects surface.

Yes, I am a firm believer in destiny. Certain things just happen, you cannot make them happen! I believe success is what an individual can give you or you are deemed successful in someone’s eye and are considered worthwhile. Its acknowledgment needs to come from ahead and you cannot set your own benchmark to it.

I am glad that I became part of all such projects that were a success and they considered me capable enough that I can perform to the mark for them.  No doubt, Hum TV dramas take you a long way. A lot of actors work and they remain actors. But working with Hum TV makes them a celebrity. They become stars, they are recognized.

The channel’s dramas are watched worldwide and wherever we have been, wherever I have traveled, I have reaped immense acclaim from people of various ethnic backgrounds and communities. I am glad I am a part of this setup and I look forward to more successful endeavors in the future.

Can you tell us details about Suno Chanda Season 3? Will it be really happening and what fans should expect from the potential installment?

Suno Chanda has been a heartbeat for everybody since the last two seasons. It has gained immense acclaim, a plethora of acknowledgment from all parts of the globe, including Pakistan television. Its success is evident from the drama’s millions of views on YouTube. Every child is hooked to it. Even while shooting for other dramas on sets, people from neighboring locations come out of their house and ask about Suno Chanda.

But I really don’t know about season 3. So far there is no such news. I believe they must be contemplating to have season 3 this year or the next. But I think there will eventually be a season 3 of Suno Chanda. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and let’s see what the public wants.

As soon as an actor hits 40, it becomes tricky for him to choose roles as he is neither a hero nor a father material. How do you manage to deal with this dilemma?

After a certain age, it becomes a mix and match of everything. You are working on both sides. Sometimes you bag lead roles, other times you are playing major support characters.

One should move on with time as per the situation, as long as your contracts are progressive and you are getting the limelight. Also, one needs to take a wise decision with whatever project is offered to them.

And if you look good, keep yourself well and justify your roles, then you can even get cast across actors that might be fifteen years younger to you. There is work in every capacity. However, one should accept things with time and keep growing as an actor. Flexibility takes you a long way and that’s how people excel in their careers.

On a lighter note, what is your secret behind aging gracefully and good looks?

There is no secret. You just age gracefully- both in terms of your characters and personal image. Other than that, you keep yourself well, you work out and lead a healthy lifestyle. You can also do progressive acting while you age with poise. It is all one day at a time. It requires effort. You do it today, it pays you off tomorrow. I am a very active person, watch my diet and try to justify all the characters that come to me. That is the name of the game. Success always comes one day at a time and it is hard work every day. And it pays off in the image you appear in front of the public in your decade long career.

What is next for Farhan Ally Agha?

When we started acting, there were a lot of colleagues of mine who were into modeling and took this transition into acting along with me. Nobody really knew what was next as media was at its boost at that time and they all ended up making successful careers out of their respectful fields. So you really don’t know what is comping up for you.

However, I make sure that whatever I do is progressive for me. And that I get good opportunities so that I can justify them at the level they deserve and prove myself as an actor. This is something I am always on the lookout for with a positive frame of mind. After all, you have a reputation behind you that carries your career profile and your worth, be it films or dramas.

On the other hand, it is an honor and privilege for me that my profile is associated with Hum TV and MD Productions for the longest time and has been a strong core of my career. There is a long road ahead, so let’s see where it takes me depending on what comes to me and what I accept.