Celebs’ beauty routines: Here’s everything you need to know!

Latest   April 16, 2018
From in-flight essentials to top-shelf skincare saviors, Sadaf and Fizza shared their beauty regimen – one trend at a time.

Ever wonder what celebs care about the most in their daily life?

Artists Sadaf Kanwal and Fizza Ali let the cat out of the bag when asked what’s the most important item in their bag? And what is the most important thing they emphasize on looks when stepping out of the house?

Sadaf Kanwal

My everyday essentials that I carry in my purse are wallet, sunglasses and lip balm. Speaking about the brands I preferably use Gucci, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger and Zara.

What I emphasize when stepping out of the house are my lips, cheeks and eyes. A blush tint on lips and cheeks make a big difference and I like to keep it natural in terms of my skin. There are many different shoes I wear but mostly I go for flats and the brand which I prefer is Gucci Loafers and in heels it has to be Louboutins.

I definitely pay very close attention to my feet.  It’s good for your personal hygiene to take care of every part of the body whether its feet or face or hands. I often scrub them twice a week and moisturize my feet before sleeping. And then I get my favorite pedicure done from Nabila’s. But to be honest, I only do that for specific occasions not daily.

Fiza Ali

What I carry on a day-to-day basis are my absolute necessities — perfume and my shades! I mostly use Dior Pink perfume as its one of my favorites.

Before leaving for work or shopping I make sure I apply sun block as it protects my skin. I have to take a lot of care as I have dry skin and in daily routine I don’t put on much makeup. Other than that I wear sunglasses when I am out, the reason I wear them is people can hardly recognize me and I can easily shop around!

Speaking about comfortable footwear I usually wear sneakers and comfortable footwear for occasions. I take a lot of care of my feet. I make sure I do manicure/pedicure at home every week. I make natural homemade scrub and to prepare it: mix white soda, sugar and lemon apply every week for some minutes as this is very effective.