Chammi is quite the opposite of what we see – Sajal Aly

Latest   February 1, 2019
I always try to explore what I can possibly do within the realm of the character given, says Sajal Aly.

Sajal Aly has emerged as one of the leading actresses in Pakistan during the last few years; be it her strong performance in Bollywood flick Mom or in our very own O Rangreza she has won (and broken) hearts with her fiery performance on the screen.

In Aangan she gets to play a character that was tailor-made for her as only she could have carried it forward. You needed someone who was young, who was in love and who was rebellious in nature, and if those qualities are added together, Sajal Aly would be the answer.

How difficult was it to play characters from the 1940’s considering everything was different back then, from clothes to mannerisms?

There is a lot to Chammi that you see – but that’s not really her. There are some characters that are who they seem from the first glance.

Chammi is not such a character; she’s a fractured person from within, despite her bubbly persona. She’s, in fact, quite the opposite of what we see. She has masked her failures and her fears in the outward bravery and loudness that seem to define her – but are not really who or what she is.

How was the experience of playing a girl in the 1940’s for a change?

Most of the characters that are written in for that era have a similar tone and voice. As an actor, I always try to explore what I can possibly do within the realm of the character given.

Within that time period, the way Chammi has been written and the way that I’ve even played her is a bit different from that time period’s tone.

You are sharing the screen with some of the best actors in the industry, how would you rate that experience?

It was a lot of fun working with an ensemble cast. Aangan definitely brings together some of our finest talents in the industry & each scene is a great experience to shoot.

What are expectations from Aangan?

The best or the maximum expectation as an actor I would say that I hope people enjoy the hard work we’ve put in. The whole team worked really hard in trying to create a beautiful, textured story that is full of heart and brings together a variety of emotions. I really hope Aangan can take the audience on this journey that the characters went through.