Children’s day special: This NGO is helping to build a world fit for children!

Arts & Culture   November 19, 2017
Foundation Fighting Poverty, thrives to work hard in educating the citizens of Pakistan the true value of children.

Childhood is all about innocence, playfulness, and unconditional love for everyone. But it is saddening how we see our children, the bright future of this country, being mentally or physically abused in one way or the other.

Out off all, the most heart-wrenching thing to bear is seeing people neglect such issues and just go on with their lives.

To show appreciation for the blessings children bring in Pakistan, we take one day to honor them on Children’s Day. The youth are lavished with gifts, attention and do a performance on a talent they possess. The importance of this day is to communicate to children that they are valued and loved.

Foundation Fighting Poverty, an NGO founded in the year 2009, thrives to work hard in educating the citizens of Pakistan the true value of children for the upcoming time.

Abdullah Ehsan Syed, is the man behind this brilliant initiative, that works constantly for humanity since its inception.

Being the CEO and President of this power NGO, Syed shared that he always wanted to work for humanity since he was in  9th grade and that is why FFP came into existence.

“My family has always supported me and I, in a way, have inherited this sense of aiding and helping the ones in need from them. My take on life is, that it is a precious gift from Allah SWT, so why waste it?”

Let’s start Ownership

The first thing that FFP tries to instill in people of Pakistan is to own the problem and address the elephant in the room by conducting seminars in underprivileged and underdeveloped areas to build enough confidence in children to speak their minds and also learn more about communication skills.

FFP considers all children, no matter if physically or mentally challenged to be equally awesome, so our team visits organizations as Darul Sukoon and SOS village to ensure that all children get knowledge of every subject that they are interested in. Also, we love celebrating each of their milestones too.

“Our goal at FFP is to help people in education, health, employment, environmental issues and basic life needs,” said Talha Ahmed, General secretary of FFP.

Sharing his inspiration for this work, he added: “We believe that everything counts, so we help people in every possible way we can. We do it solely to help people and for Allah.”

Gaining Holistic Education

When the team of FFP ponders about the society, they can’t help but notice what if they wanted to be more or what if they had more exposure to expand their horizons?

In such cases, they provide many other ways that are holistic to encourage the youth in participating in the walk of life with a graceful attitude towards success and achievement. These campaigns help the little bundles of joy to understand the main value of sharing and caring because we believe that children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression.

FFP team has departments that control the educational, health, environmental and basic needs of children that can make them strong and confident enough in the future that they have the same spirit of enhancing the society and giving to the sociability that they had gained from.

Stabilizing the Future

FFP aware the little ones how they have a certain moral and ethical responsibility towards their country and also of the rights that they have being a citizen of Pakistan. Educating innocent minds about their rights and duties is important because they are the pillars of the future of our nation.

The campaigns are also aimed at building self-esteem and encouraging children to respect and show empathy for others. Subjects like stalking, bullying, peer pressure and ragging are also covered using case studies in the form of stories.

Join FFP in building a better tomorrow by making our youth literate enough that they are able to distinguish between the right and the wrong.

Society needs to hold hands if you want to break this chain of complete negligence and ignorance towards the upbringing of our future.

“Let us join hands together to make everyone happy and share the pain from the weak. I am positively sure that I and my team will succeed in achieving our goal towards a better and an educated Pakistan,” President FFP.