Clucky’s or Pak Cuisine – Pick your chicken expert

Latest   February 17, 2020
There is no doubt in the fact that Karachi is the most food-loving city in Pakistan!

There is no doubt in the fact that Karachi is the most food-loving city in Pakistan.

Whenever a new food chain has entered Pakistan, it has come through the largest city of Pakistan where food is cherished as it should be.

Be it Bar B Q, Chinese or even Sea Food, everyone gets what they desire when it comes to Karachi. That doesn’t limit new people from entering the food business and make the customers explore new avenues, something they hadn’t done before.

Let’s take a look at some of the outlets that have opened in Karachi recently and are giving the competition a tough time, because of their high quality and service.


Move aside Finger licking people, there is a new Chicken expert in town. Clucky’s may be new to the market but it has become popular because of its extravagant menu and deals. It may seem inspired by the other Chicken Experts in town but it does something the competition doesn’t – innovate. If you want to have a Waffle Cone that is stuffed with Chicken than Ice Cream or a Waffle Sandwich that gives you craving for more, then Clucky’s is the place for you.

Positive: Clucky’s might remind you for KFC but they are different, and for some even better. The environment at the restaurant is soothing as they have decorated it well, keeping in mind that most of their customers are youngsters. Then there is the menu which is dominated by Fried Chicken that tastes like wow. Eat them with their specially created sauces and you will not eat just one. Make it spicy or have it normal, that’s your choice but remember, keep some space in your stomach for the other stuff they have.

The Clucky Sandwiches are both Burgers and Sandwiches that you can order separately or with deals (more on that later). The Waffle Sandwich is the new thingy which might be copied elsewhere as most of the foodies go for it. The other sandwiches are also very filling with the Sandwich Ala Kiev demanding your attention because it looks and tastes amazing. The Fries and Bites, as well as the Waffle Cone, are stuffed with Chicken Bites, making it all the yummier for the customer. Don’t forget to try the Nutella Waffle that is exactly what you think it is. Interesting isn’t it!

Negative: The Clucky’s outlet in Bukhari Commercial Area, Karachi is situated away from the main road which is taken up by Chai dhabas and restaurants. If you are lucky enough or with a friend who has been there, you will end up in the right place but that restricts potential customers from reaching the place. They need to market their business in a better manner both on Social media and online so that people come here more often for quality food than spending quality time nearby.

Verdict: Clucky’s is the best option for lunch and dinner if you are a foodie. You can either go to the place alone or with friends and have a blast because the deals this place offers caters to all. You can FLY SOLO for Rs 595 as you get Single Spicy Chicken and an Ala Kiev Sandwich along with a soft drink; or opt for PECK FOR TWO for Rs 995 where a Chicken and Waffle Sandwich, a Clucky Bites With Tandoori Rice, 1 Tater Tots or Spicy Corn will be on your table with 2 soft drinks. And for Rs 1395, there is THREE’S A PARTY consisting of an Ala Kiev Sandwich, a Fried Chicken Sandwich, three pieces Fried Chicken and 3 soft drinks. The service is great and the same goes for the quality of food. Don’t be surprised if Clucky’s opens up a branch near you, soon because they are too good to be limited to one outlet!


What is the first thing a Karachiite thinks of doing when he plans a trip to Lahore? Visit the Food Street in Gawalmandi or Butt Karahi at Laxmi Chowk. That was true till late last year until Pak Cuisine came to Karachi, and with it brought the authentic Butt Karahi that still has no match after so many years. Since then, the traffic between Karachi and Lahore has lessened and the traffic between different areas of Karachi and Khayaban-e-Muslim has increased. Get the drift?

Positive: Although nothing can top their achievement of bringing Butt Karahi to Karachi, the place is full of other stuff as well. Be sure to let the waiter know that you want Desi Murghi and Asli Ghee or Makhan (Butter) to get the exact flavor of Lahore’s Butt Karahi but that shouldn’t stop you from ordering other things as well. The Mutton Karahi is also worth your time as it takes you to Lahore without moving from your place; if you are not confident of trying the Organic Chicken, you also have the option of going for the regular Chicken as well. Then there is Lamb Ribs and Chops, Chicken and Mutton Handis, nearly all kinds of Kababs and even Mix Sabzi that you can order without thinking twice.

Pak Cuisine’s Kitchen is also an interesting place as it is situated within a glass wall making it all the more accessible for scrutiny from the customer. This only happens when the owners are fully confident of their end product. Different kinds of rotis will help you finish your food without feeling heavy, and that’s why people used to visit Butt Karahi in Lahore, didn’t they? Don’t forget to order the delicious Gajar Ka Halwa once you are done with the food, because it will make you remember the place, and make you want to return again and again.

Negative: Pak Cuisine is situated near Sea View, near the place where there used to be Angrezi Sayeen Café; they need to market the place otherwise the customers will end up at a nearby dhaba and return empty-handed and on an empty stomach. The restaurant is quite well-maintained, considering it’s always full of customers but they need to expand somehow to compensate for the walk-in customers or those who drop in for the love of Butt Karachi. These people have no clue that so much rush would greet them at the restaurant because they think of it as just another food outlet. If the place starts operations in the afternoon instead of evening, then that would be a step in the right direction as people want to have quality food in the lunch hour. With so many offices situated in the vicinity, it would give a boost to both the parties, and make Butt Karahi part and parcel of Karachi’s culture.

Verdict: Don’t be surprised to find your favorite celebrity when you visit Pak Cuisine because they all hang out at the venue. Not just for the food but also for the ambiance, the safe environment and above all, the quality of the food and the service they get. It doesn’t mean that non-celebs will be treated differently; you will be treated the same making you feel like a celebrity for once. It would be amazing if the owners of Pak Cuisine bring more Lahori delicacies to Karachi such as the scrumptious Tawa Chicken, the delectable Bhayya Kababs and everyone’s favorite Lahori Nashta, that would make the place the destination of all foodies in Karachi, for sure.