Did you know: Ahmed Godil hosted the Pak vs. West Indies cricket series for Pakistan Cricket Board

Latest   May 16, 2018
"Every step taken ahead is an achievement for me in my career." - Ahmed Godil

Ahmed Godil is a popular name in the race of young blood striving for excellence in the field of entertainment. We got hold of this amazing talent to know more about him:

What is the strangest thing a fan or a stranger has done to you?

A fan had been stalking me and making a list of all my shows and the clothes I wore. She used to write me letters on social media but kept her identity a secret. And then one day a woman came up to me in my shows along with a girl in tears and told me that said her daughter was my biggest fan and it turned out to be my stalker.

What is your annoying habit?

Call it annoying, but I love it — I love talking to people!

How important is family to you?

Family is priority, always. Career and education, and everything else come after that. For me, nothing is more important than giving time to my family and, honestly, it’s the best time you can invest anywhere!

What is your ultimate motivation?

My fans, people who constantly show me love and support me keeps me going. Thank you everyone for supporting me and showering so much love on me!

Who is your favorite style icon?

Mario Di Vaio and David Beckham.

Any current trend you are in love with?

None of the trends these days are worth loving to be honest.

What would you term as the most memorable achievement in your career?

Every step taken ahead is an achievement for me in my career. Hosting Pak vs. West Indies cricket series for Pakistan Cricket Board was one of the biggest achievements for me recently. And I consider myself lucky that I was given the opportunity.

Describe your dream vacation.

Anywhere as long as my view is the beach, and a long walk on the beach alone or with my future wife (where ever she is).

What is your inspiration?

My parents and the youth of Pakistan! They keep pushing me forward to do more and it’s amazing to see how our youth is transforming.

What advice would you give to the world?

Chase your dreams, no matter what! Take the first step and the rest will happen.

Worst shopping mistake

I really liked a shirt once at a display outside a store on a mannequin and brought it. After coming home, I realized it was for ladies. Later I understood why the sales girl was giving me weird looks.