Hina Altaf As Eshal

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Eshal is a lively young girl, who is engaged with her cousin Shavez. Eshal considers Shavez as her future husband, but Shavez has different plans, this changes Eshal’s life altogether. Eshal’s friend, Haris (played by Imran Ashraf) is interested in her, but she does not know about it. This will change Eshal’s life too, because Haris is not ready to give his love interest that easily.

Hina Altaf Khan is a renowned face for TV audience, as she has appeared in a lot of different drama serials. She started her career as RJ, but gradually made her way up to acting. She is famous for her innocent looks and sweet expressions. She is renowned for her versatile acting in different dramas. Her latest role Zebo in drama serial Udaari has received critical acclaim from the audience and critics alike.

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