Do you know Bilal Khan’s inspiration in music? Catch it here!

Latest   November 3, 2018
Bilal Khan is no longer a new name in the entertainment industry.

Multi-talented Bilal Khan is no longer a new name in the entertainment industry.

Earlier he came to limelight with his hit single ‘Bachana’ but now the singer turned actor is making waves as an actor.

After Sammi, Bilal’s Khaamoshi gained popularity with the masses due to its simple theme of dark versus light ideals and Bilal Khan’s pairing with Zara Noor.

We caught up with the actor to know more about him, here’s all sorted out:

What is the strangest thing a fan has ever done or said to you?

There have been some very strange things that have happened to me, such as when I was in Multan once some fans literally tried to take off my watch.

What is your annoying habit?

I am always on time and very punctual, it’s annoying for me as people don’t make it on time.

One thing that you still remember vividly from childhood days?

I love it when I think about childhood days, how carefree life used to be, sleeping for long hours which now we hardly get to do!

What is your motivation to keep pushing through?

We have very limited time and there’s so much work to do, that’s why every day and every minute is important.

One unforgettable lesson you have learnt along the way?

Hard work triumphs over everything else, and if you just stick to it and keep working then eventually you get whatever you want!

What your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement so far has probably been saving up enough money from my concerts and everything that I have done in music and acting, to go study abroad on my own!

Describe your dream vacation?

It would have to be Japan!

What or who is your inspiration?

My inspiration in music is artist John Mayer, otherwise I like songs based on life and life experiences.