Donkey King is here to rule!

Film & Drama   October 8, 2018
The Donkey King got our attention with its teaser and now we're finding out more.

Pakistan may be new to animated films but animation has been Aziz Jindani’s hobby for a long time.

The man behind the ascent of Pakistan’s first animated superhero Commander Safeguard is back and this time his character offers more than teaching kids to be clean, defeating Dirtoo and gang whenever and wherever possible.

With Donkey King, he addresses the elders as well as the kids and wants to show that looks can be deceiving – Mangu the lead character might be a Donkey to look at but has the heart of a Hero.

The film is all set for a release next week (Saturday, to be precise) and we believe that it’s the ideal time to talk to the main cast, starting from Jan Rambo to Aziz Jindani the director.

Jan Rambo

According to the director, Jan Rambo was the first and only choice for the role of Mangu Mangu Jan Mangu!

The character that came to life in Guest House way back in 1991 was revived for a new generation with a twist – Donkey replaces Man. Jan Rambo claims that at first, he didn’t know why he was selected for the character but when his wife actress Sahiba and kids told him to do it, he went ahead and loved every bit of it.

‘Dubbing for yourself is much easier compared to dubbing for a character that isn’t you but thanks to the support from the makers, I am glad I did Donkey King. Not only did the writers based the character on my rendition of Rambo they sort of revived it after so many years.’

Rambo also added: The animators also did a great job in capturing my actions and putting them on screen through Mangu. The promotions through TV appearances and Mall visits, as well as Social Media, is something that will surely help the film.

Jawed Sheikh

For Jawed Sheikh, Donkey King may be the first step into the world of animation but he gets to play Mangu’s Dad who steers him in the right direction.

‘When Aziz approached me for this film and showed me his work, I was hooked since the idea was something new and quite interesting. The story has satire, comedy, and elements of action as well which is something the audience can relate to. Since the audience is quite politically inclined these days, it was a brave step to weave a story around the current political scenario without hurting anybody’s sentiments.’

For been in the industry for so long, he still felt like debuting all over again for a film because, after more than 40 years in the field, this is the first time he will be lending his voice to a character other than himself.

‘The animation is high-quality, the treatment is perfect for an entertaining movie and I am sure that the success of this film will take the film industry forward,’ he added.

Ghulam Mohiuddin

Donkey King is Ghulam Mohiuddin’s second animated project as a Voice Over artist after Tick Tock; in the earlier film, he played a Time Traveler whereas here I am the King who decides to retire and hand over the reins of Kingdom to someone else, Mangu the Donkey in this film’s case.

‘The experience of lending my voice for a lion was an interesting one as it enhanced my experience as an actor. I was able to bring all my experience of working at Radio and at Voice of America for the character that is pivotal to the story. I am sure that the audience will love this movie and Pakistan will go on and make more animated films for the young and the old.’

Aziz Jindani

It’s not just an animated film for kids but one for all ages, Aziz Jindani says as he talks about his dream project, Donkey King that he has penned with Kamran Khimani.

He believes that the film will break stereotypes such as being released on Friday or doing business during school days.

‘I feel that the best time to attract kids to the cinema is not during vacations but when they are actually going to school since most of the families spend vacations abroad or take a trip to other cities.’

Furthermore, we wanted actors to play characters and I am glad that whoever we approached came onboard as they believed in the project and it’s potential.

‘It also gave me the chance to reunite with Zeeshan Karimi with whom I had already worked on Commander Safeguard. It took us two years to complete the project and I hope the audience would love it as much as we did while making it.’ Aziz concluded.

The Donkey King is slated for release October 13.