Abro drama is based on two fatherless siblings Abro (Eshal Fayyaz) and Hamid (Imran Ashraf). Their mother Sakina (Asma Abbas) works as a peon of a college and servant of its principal (Ismat Zaidi). Abro and Hamid doesn't respect their mother and are bad mannered. Abro is in love with her friend Ali (Noor Hassan), son of Farzana (Farah Shah) and Zafar, brother of Abid (Ahmad Zeb), Samra and Tayyaba. Abro and Ali like each other and want to marry each other but Ali's family doesn't like Abro's bad manners and never will accept her as their daughter-in-law. However, Ali has a cousin from his mother Farzana side (Farzana's niece, Shahida's daughter), Fouzia Jamshed (Zainab Ahmed) and Zarmina.

Ali's family wants Ali to marry Fouzia but Ali refuses as he is already in love with another woman. Fouzia also likes Ali. In their engagement, Ali is not happy for his engagement. Abro leaves Ali but he forgives her and decides to break engagement with Fouzia. Then after Ali marries Abro as a court marriage. Ali's job become low day-by-day so he is unable to fulfill some duties and they finally give birth to a child. Then they came back to their home and live their lives as regretted.