The story of Dil-e-Jaanam is about two cousins named Eshal and Shavez, who were engaged in childhood. Upon growing up, Shavez starts losing interest in Eshal and builds liking for another girl Asma. Initially, Shavez faces ample amount of resistance from Asma, but after his efforts of 3 years Asma agrees to marry Shavez.

On the other hand Haris, a very close friend of Eshal, starts loving her but she is least interested in him. Unaware of Shavez's affair with Asma, his parents start preparing for the wedding of Shavez and Eshal. What will happen when the story will unfold the two affairs breaking an old and strong relation? Watch Dil-e-Jaanam every Wednesday at 8:00 PM, only on HUM.