Hania is a young, energetic, slightly spoiled girl, who grew up loving a kid in her neighborhood. Hamza is Hania's neighbor and love-interest. He belongs to a modest family and he has a lot of responsibilities. Aalia is another girl, who loves Hamza too and lives in the same neighborhood. When Hania confess her love for Hamza in front of her mother, her mother opposed it because of Hamza's modest background. However, an attempted suicide changed the tide in Hania's favor and she get married with Hamza. The life changes after the marriage, but Hania failed to adopt the changes married life offers. She loves to party but ignore her responsibilities towards her family. What will happen to this couple? What is Aalia’s role in their life? How Sabeeha (Hania’s mother) will interact with her modest in-laws. To find out, watch Karb now.