Khwab Saraye is the sory of Abrar Khan (Rasheed Naz) who has a place with a rich family. He has two children, to be specific Waqar (Khaled Anam) and Sajjad (Aijaz Aslam) and a little girl Farhat, who is left over by wedding Waheed(Nauman Masood), her dad's decision. Waqar is hitched to Bilquis (Saman Ansari), and has a child, Faizan(Muneeb Butt). Sajjad is not hitched yet. Waheed is exclusively inspired by Farhat for her cash, which drives her to dejection. Sajjad helps her by utilizing Sania(Sonia Mishal), the niece of Jameel(Said Shah). After her dad's demise, Sania and her mom live with Jameel, Aunt Zarina (Farah Nadeem) and her cousin Lubna. Lubna is a metric pass young lady who is not inspired by studies.

Zarina makes Sania the cleaning specialist of her home on the proposal of Lubna. Jameel is a retailer and can't manage the cost of additional to others yet tries his best to deal with Aapa and Sania. Sania needed to proceed with her reviews however can't, so she tries to discover another occupation. She then meets Sajjad who utilizes her to take care of Farhat. Amid this time, Sajjad and Sania's relationship starts to develop. Abrar and his companion meet an inn's server, Baqir (Behroze Sabzwari). Baqir is hitched to Salma (Farah Shah) and has a little girl, Naina (Aiman Khan).

Faizan and Naina are really class colleagues and they quickly become hopelessly enamored with each other. Yet, Bilquis sees another young lady for Faizan which he can't. Abrar rejects his marriage with Naina on the grounds that her dad is a server of an inn. Naina's folks likewise don't acknowledge however eventaully acknowledge in weight. Faizan and Naina wed before Naina's folks, notwithstanding Abrar's refusal. Faizan and his folks discover and choose to remove Faizan of the family,