HUM TV’s latest drama, Mein Khwab Bunti Hoon written by Muhammad Asif and directed by Adeel Qamar Khan revolves around pure intentions, and though they can be let down by hate, jealousy and control, forgiveness transcends all.

Watch Meri Jia Monday to Friday at 7:00 pm only on HUM TV.

Star Cast

Muhammad Usama, Michelle Mumtaz, Alina Khan, Nabeela Haq, Naeema Naeem Butt, Rabia Tabasssum, Ayesha Khan, Chanda Naseem, Mian Wassam Waheed, Rebecca Abdul, Agha Ali, Munazzah Arif, Waqas Shehzad Khurram & Others.


Momina Duraid Productions


Adeel Qamar Khan


Muhammad Asif

Catch the melodious OST: