HUM TV’s latest drama, Mehboob Apke Qadmon Mein features Sukaynah Khan Zubab Rana and Saad Qureshi in key roles. Written by Imran Nazir and directed by Furqan Adam the plot revolves around the all-consuming power of black magic, and the depths to which it can corrupt a soul beyond measure.

Star Cast:

Sukaynah Khan, Zubab Rana, Saad Qureshi, Agha Mustafa, Shaheen Khan, Shahzia Gohar, Farhat Nazar, Parizae Fatima, Agha Talal, Zubair Akram and Syed Qamar Raza Rizvi.


Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions


Furqan Adam


Imran Nazir

Catch the powerful OST here: