Nazr-e-Bad is a drama about the old superstitious concept of Nazr-e-Bad (evil eye) and black magic. The story reveals how jealousy can lead to envy and eventually making people do horrendous things. Shafiq is a simple and common man, who lives with his family in a modest home. His brother lives in the same house upstairs. Nusrat (Shafiq’s wife and Maham’s mother, played by Fazila Qazi) despises Almas (Pervaiz’s mother, played by Sakina Samo) due to her modest background. Nusrat also believes that Almas casts evil eye on her better economic condition. Maham (played by Sarah Khan) Shafiq’s daughter does not like his cousin Pervaiz, who deeply loves her. The story further unfolds, when Nusrat’s nephew Aftab (played by Ali Abbas) asks Maham’s hand in marriage. This shakes Pervaiz and his mother Almas, as they wanted Maham to marry Pervaiz. In their jealousy and envy, they turn to black magic. What happens next is a series of horrendous and unfortunate events. To watch this thrilling and intriguing drama online, log on to HUM TV’s website.