"Story of Pakeeza rotates around the exceptionally delicate issue of an extramarital issue; the illegal connection which prompts to the decimation of families yet the center reasons of such an issue are overlooked by numerous in our general public. The plot highlights the most grounded yet the most sensitive connection of a couple. Pakeeza, a 35-year-old elegant and appealing painter is a mother of a 15-year-old Kiran and spouse to an unfeeling, cash arranged broker Jibran. Pakeeza is only a necessary chore for Jibran, who never values her work and enjoys offending her before others.

As the story advances it highlights the significance of common regard, love, consideration and thankfulness in this relationship. Will Pakeeza abandon Jibran after a long marriage or will Jibran understand every one of the penances Pakeeza has made to keep him cheerful?"