Zara Yaad Ker is an interlaced story of Mahnoor, Haadi, Uzma and Waqar. The focal characters Haadi and Mahnoor have had their Nikaah. Haadi's proprietor's girl Uzma has affections for Haadi yet he never empowers her as a result of his adoration for Mahnoor. Mahnoor who has dependably longed for wedding a liberal person, views Haadi as traditionalist. In an intriguing unforeseen development Mahnoor meets the vivacious, enthusiastic and receptive Waqar.

In a couple experiences, Mahnoor chooses to break her marriage with Haadi to spend whatever remains of her life with Waqar yet what takes after is a story of desire, misdirection and regret. The plot highlights how one awful choice can influence endless lives and how the scars of such choices leave a changeless stamp! Where might Mahnoor's awful choices lead her to? What might destiny have in store for Haadi and Mahnoor?