Trailer Out: Dreams become reality in Mahira Khan, Bilal Ashraf’s Superstar !

Film & Drama   July 16, 2019
From the filmi look to the dance numbers, Superstar is all set to blow the competition away!

The trailer of Hum Films’ Superstar just got released and it has become the talk of the town in no time.

Not because it revolves around Mahira Khan or features an extremely good-looking Bilal Ashraf, but because it is the creative work of some of the best Superstars around us. From the filmi look of the film to the dance numbers, and the presence of the biggest superstar in the film, Superstar is all set to blow the competition away this Eid ul Azha. Let’s discuss some of the stars present in the trailer and what can be expected from them.

Star 1: Nadeem Baig – The Real Superstar

Pakistan has produced many great actors since its creation but Nadeem Baig remains in the top tier for his versatility, his adaptability and above all, his longevity in Pakistani cinema. He is not only actively working after completing 50 years in films but continues to inspire aspiring actors to reach the top.

Presenting the iconic Nadeem Baig as Agha Jaan … The star-maker in #Superstar 🌟 A film by Momina & Duraid Productions,…

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The Real Superstar of Pakistani cinema gets to play exactly that in Superstar and although the trailer doesn’t reveal his character, it has something to do with both the careers of the characters played onscreen by the two leading stars of the film. Be it his presence on stage with Bilal’s Sameer Khan dancing or running after an angry Noor played by Mahira, Nadeem Baig continues to shine just as a Superstar would.

Star 2: Mahira Khan – Heroine

The trailer starts with Mahira Khan, features Mahira Khan in the most number of scenes and even ends on Mahira Khan; there are no points for guessing who the Superstar will be in the film. She plays a young girl who has dreams of becoming popular, and one day her wish finally comes true, and she has no idea how to handle it. She dances like an illusion in whatever songs one can view in the trailer whereas looks straight out of a classic film from the past, such is her presence.

In order for the light to shine brightly, the darkness must be present!!#Superstar in theatres this EidulAzha…

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This flick would do wonders for her career and prove a point that young actors may have the charm, but it is actors with meatier roles who come out as winners. Mahira Khan has won the battle of the trailer, let’s see if her stardom is enough to win her the battle of Eid releases!

Star 3: Bilal Ashraf – Hero

Ever since he played the Angry Young Man in Janaan, Bilal Ashraf’s star has been on the rise. Superstar may provide him the platform he missed in Rangreza and Yalghaar as he plays the perfect hero, one who has the looks to kill, and also the will to go any length to win his love.

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He shows his impressive dance moves as well as gets to share the screen with the best actors in the business, from Nadeem Baig to Jawed Sheikh, and from Marina Khan to Mahira Khan. Even the handsome hunk understands that this film will make or break his career, and we are more than anxious to see him do something extraordinary so that he reaches the target he is destined to accomplish!

Star 4: Ehteshamuddin – Direction

It was nearly 15 years back, KARA Films screened Ehteshamuddin’s Shah Rukh Khan Ki Maut and the director won a fan. Today, the same scribe is left astounded ahead of the release of his first feature film Superstar where he has used all his experience to deliver a gem. Each shot oozes of filmi masala which is something he polished with Aangan that won bonus points for its cinematography.

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The director behind Sadqay Tumhare, Udaari and countless Hum TV Hits is one of the most respected people around and that’s why he gets the best team for his first cinematic project. Be it Ali & Mustafa Afridi who have written the powerful dialogues, impressive dance numbers choreographed by the unmatchable Nigah Hussain and filmi music by Azaan Sami Khan who has collaborated with Saad Sultan to deliver what sounds like the biggest soundtrack of the year.

Star 5: Azaan Sami Khan – Screenplay & Music

Don’t be fooled by this immensely talented young man’s innocent looks; Azaan Sami Khan is the son of Zeba Bakhtiar and Adnan Sami Khan who have been around for over 30 years, winning the hearts and minds of two generations. Azaan not only pens down the story of the film and its screenplay but also composes the soundtrack, making him one of the few music directors to do so, and the list includes the mighty Khawaja Khurshid Anwar as well. Each and every song in the soundtrack (released so far via the trailer) looks great and had there been Music Charts like the 90s, each song would have been a Chartbuster, just like the songs of Sargam where his parents collaborated for the first and only time.

The film also has many cameos from famous celebrities but you will have to go through the trailer to know whether your favorite actor or actress is in the film or not. The film is all set to release this Eid ul Azha and from the grand trailer, we can assume that Superstar might reach its target, which is to reach the stars, or even go beyond!