Eman Suleman had the perfect ‘fairy tale wedding’!

Latest   January 13, 2020
Indeed, a story of Haseen (Eman) and Jamil!

Late November, the Zindagi Tamasha actor Eman announced on an Instagram post that she is getting married and the fans went wild!

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2 ganjus. I wanted to wait till after shaadi to make the announcement of our shaadi but since the news isn’t already out there and I‘m coveting some public attention, because that’s just the kind of person I am, I want you to know that I am marrying my non platonic friend of 3 months (full GF BF nonsense). Allah reham karay hum dono per. Some people get married for themselves, because either they fall in love or because they’re lonely or maybe because of family pressure or to procreate, I’m getting married because I just want to make haraam halaal to please my rabb and my parents!! It’s the truth; our parents were like, tameez se shaadi karo tum dono, this isn’t amreeka. nejakwkamlqhduwjajsnqjjAbcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and since moving in together isn’t an option in the Islamic republic of Pakistan, I gotta do what I gotta do, Shaadi. God I really thought my shaadi announcement would be better than a plagiarised essay. I really tried to refrain myself but I couldn’t. I never can. Dheiskskqlqlqlqlsnbdbdehei. Why am I like this??? Anyhow, so yah, Jamil and I are getting married. Looking forward to our time together. Until death or divorce do us part. Pray for us. Thank you. Is this a joke? Maybe. Great guy, 100/100 would recommend. 24 minutes later: Okay I’m a little ashamed of this.

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In a private and simple ceremony over the weekend in Lahore, model Eman Suleman tied the knot with her beau Jamil Haider Rizvi.

Messages from all over the globe came for the beautiful model and in the first week of January, Eman and her ‘now-husband’ Jamil tied the not.

Eman wore Zara Shahjahan on both her mehndi and her nikkah, opting for a traditional look.

A simple yet beautiful Nikkah took place and the happy couple opted for a daylight wedding which led to stunning pictures!

Then came the Ruksati and guys, we just couldn’t handle these two. Too cute for words!

Eman stood out in that beautiful red while her better half wore off-white. Together they made the perfect couple.

Both looked extremely royal on their Valima day and all the photographers named it a story of ‘Haseen and Jamil’ which we found absolutely adorable!

Were you as star-struck as us?