Everyone’s definition of success is different: Haris Waheed

Latest   November 19, 2018
For me, it’s about finding a script that tells a powerful story, says Haris Waheed.

Haris Waheed carved a name for himself at a very young age when he appeared opposite Urwa Hocane in the hit drama serial Udaari.

After Udaari, he came into limelight in Sammi with Mawra Hocane and now is starring in Bisaat e Dil alongside Shahroz Sabzwari, Komal Aziz Khan and Beenish Raja.

Spotlight spoke to Haris about his personal life, his struggles, taking on leading roles and negative roles onscreen and here’s what he has to say:

Tell us about struggling as an actor? What has the journey been like?

It seems like only yesterday, when I was on the lookout for work in television, visiting different production houses on my bike. My acting was celebrated from the beginning, to the extent that directors were always keen to cast me. The only downside of all this was my obliviousness to the fact that acting wasn’t a major criteria for producers, looks were.

For me, it’s never been about choosing roles, it’s about finding a script that tells a powerful story. I have never rejected roles. They only time I’ve ever done that has been if I haven’t found the story meaningful or if I haven’t been available.

In terms of choices, I always tend to look at the bigger picture. In Sammi and Udaari, I knew that the message being conveyed was unbeknownst to national television, which made them extremely close to my heart.

Speaking of the journey, I think I am still a traveler on this path, and I have no destination. Wandering amongst the unknown is better than knowing where you are going.

Now that you have encountered success with Sammi, Udaari and now Bisaat e Dil, how do you feel?

I’ve realized that success isn’t about acquiring the world’s validation or reaching a point in life where you can accomplish everything on your own terms.

“It’s about accepting things the way they are, ditching pessimism or impractical optimism and becoming your best version with everything you’ve got. It’s about being comfortable outside your comfort zone. It’s about having faith in yourself and your craft in a realistic fashion without chasing goals that other people set for you.” 

Once these thoughts settled in, my choices weren’t affected by preconceived notions of what a certain role or certain project might do for me in terms of success.

I can’t help but mention feeling blessed for all the opportunities I’ve gotten and will hopefully be getting in the time to come. But I am never completely satisfied with myself; because without that dissatisfaction, I won’t be able to give my best in any situation. I am eternally grateful to be a part of projects like Sammi, Udaari and Bisat e Dil.

One thing that needs to be understood is that everyone’s definition of success is different. For me, success isn’t a permanent state. It’s like a grumpy old neighbor that might smile at when you rescue her cat out of a tree, but will also sneer at you if she finds your loud music unsettling.

You’re very young and you’ve gotten married recently. And your wife is also an actress. How does it feel?

That’s my favorite question. Because that’s the only topic I can talk about all my life. She inspires me every day and keeps me grounded. I see her every day and feel blessed. A person like her who’s so good at everything that she does. Yet so simple; it’s inspiring. The world hasn’t seen her talent yet. I am waiting for the day. I’ll be known because of her – she has a lot to offer and say which she hasn’t gotten a chance to say yet.

I have to say, about marriage, the feeling of seeing your heart settled in the right place is undefined. I am still not in favor to marry early because I think one has to wait to meet him or herself first than meet your other half.. but in my case I’ve been very lucky to find my better half so soon. Seeing her smiling makes me want to win her heart over the world.

Whenever I talk about her people say “she’s so lucky to have a husband like you” but if I’m honest, I always think that it’s not that how much I love her. It’s the fact that she brings out this side in me. And I am just lucky to be with her.