Everything you need to do on International Women’s Day 2019

Blogs   March 5, 2019
You're not bossy, you are the BOSS! #Girlpower

In today’s world where there is so much negativity and hate, make this Women’s Day about peace and love. 

Friday, 8th March’19 is not just an ordinary day, it’s a day when women are appreciated internationally for all the hard work they do all year round.

Although we all agree that ‘no one’ day should be dedicated to celebrating women around the globe as they are on duty 24/7. Be it a mother, a wife, a daughter or simple woman struggling with her career, life and everything around, she’s always on work BUT because it’s a man’s world we somehow forget to appreciate her for little things compromises she makes all year around.

Here are the ‘must things’ you need to do to make the women in your life feel special and if you’re the only one you’ve got, treat yourself babe!

Celebrate with the women you admire

Because why not? Go out with your girlfriends, mom, sister whoever that girl is and for once in your life, HAVE SOME GOD DAMN FUN.

Spend sometime with your mum as she has done so much to bring you here. Just for one day stop complaining about the little things you don’t get on time or the way you want. For once, share their burden and help them to get all the home chores done.

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Accomplish a personal goal

Remember that thing, that oh-so-scary task that you’ve been procrastinating upon? Yeah, GO DO THAT! Remove your doubts and go be the #SuperWoman that you are.

Support other women like it’s your job

They say women are much more evil to each other than men. Break the cliche, help a sister out! It’s the 21st century, people are dying of depression and having mental problems.. everyone is going through their share of hell, it’s okay to not hate and just accept. #GirlPower

Stop saying sexist jokes #TheyAreABigNO

Trust us guys, they’re not funny. Don’t you all think it’s high time to accept women as they are? I mean how many times do they have to prove themselves.

Ladies, if someone gives you the olden sexist talk just shut them in the nicest way you feel!

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And always remember…

There will be people who’ll hate you no matter what you do because that’s their job so just keep calm and do your own thing!

Own the boss that you are! #OwnYourself

Be proud of yourself when someone says that ‘You’re Bossy’

Work on yourself and …

After all ladies,