Family is everything because it is the only constant: Zara Noor Abbas

Latest   January 4, 2018
Here's everything you must know about Zara Noor Abbas.

Zara Noor Abbas recently tied knot with the very handsome Asad Siddiqui and we must say that they make an amazing couple.

We caught up with the actress to know more about her life and everything that is important.

  • Who is your favourite style icon?

Ayesha Omer!

  • What is the strangest thing a fan has ever done or said to you?

Well, once a fan wanted to accompany me and my fiance for grocery shopping.

  • What is your annoying habit?

I over think a lot!

  • One thing that you still have or remember vividly from childhood days?

I have a diary in which I used to write Urdu songs and recently my mom showed me that diary and I got really embarrassed, the lyrics I wrote were so funny.

  • How important is family to you?

Family is everything because it is the only constant.

  • What is your ultimate goal?

I want to follow the footsteps of my aunt Bushra Ansari and my mom Asma Abbas, who is also a known actress.

  • One unforgettable lesson you have learnt along the way?

That nobody is honest in this entire world, so protect yourself and go for everything you want to go for!

  • One thing you can’t stand?

Lies and cockroaches!

  •  What, in your opinion, has been your greatest achievement so far?

I think it has yet to come.

  • Who is Zara Noor Abbas in three words?

She’s naive, super emotional and very romantic.

  • Describe your dream vacation?

I would love to go to Santorini in Greece!

  •  What is your inspiration?

My mother and my aunt!

  • What advice will you give to young people?

I’d tell them to keep themselves on priority one.

This article was originally published in GLAM Magazine.