Five Reasons Why Inkaar Is As Good As It Gets

Film & Drama   May 16, 2019
The drama revolves around the important message ‘No Means No’.

Some dramas begin slowly and gain pace, some lose pace after beginning on an explosive note. Inkaar is one of the few plays that start off in an explosive manner and continue the pace despite being a few weeks old.

In fact, at the conclusion of the 10th episode, the drama has become more gripping, making the audience wait for the upcoming episodes without realizing that ten weeks have passed since they became hooked to the play. Let’s analyze the five reasons that make this drama one that shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

The Plot Is To Die For

Yes, it started off as a love story between a rich guy and a girl from the middle-class but with the second episode, it was evident that there is more than meets the eye. The mystery was kept alive in the third episode when the ‘other’ man entered and things became confusingly intriguing.

Everything became clearer to the audience and now, the story has turned into a revenge saga where no one has died but an attempt to sabotage the love story took place. The next few episodes are bound to be courtroom drama with a surprise entry as a lawyer who knows no boundaries to counter a villain who has no shame.

An Ensemble Cast Worth Your Time

Normally, TV dramas these days go for extremely good looking actors so that the youth could be attracted to them. However, Inkaar has an ensemble cast comprising of talented actors who are known for their outstanding work. Sami Khan who played a psycho in Rasm-e-Duniya and the most hated person in Khudgharz is on the right side this time standing tall to currently the most in-demand actor Imran Ashraf.

He plays Bhola on weekends and changes into the ‘Dracula-ish’ Rehan Chaudhary on weekdays who usually gets what he wants because his father played by Imraan Peerzada is a politician, his stepmother Munazza Arif is a manipulating woman and they ensure that he never gets to hear no.

Yumna Zaidi takes a 360 turn from the Sila character and comes out as a happy-go-lucky girl who has everything one could wish for, except a stalker who is rich, mental and above all, addicted to drugs. Then you have the indomitable Rehan Sheikh and Noor ul Hassan as the fathers of the girl and the boy respectively, who share a different kind of bond with their kids.

Rehan Sheikh’s religious father loves his daughter more than anything in the world while Noor ul Hassan wants to see his son succeed him in the government. The mothers play typical housewives – both rich and poor – and come across as our own mothers who always know what’s best.

The Dialogues Are Written In Gold

For over 25 years, Zafar Mairaj has been writing scripts for TV channels, yet he still thinks like a young man when it comes to lovers; pens the perfect dialogues for older people as per their stature and delivers film-level dialogues when you least expect it.

Inkaar would have been popular had the actors not been A list performers, but it wouldn’t have been possible without Zafar Mairaj. You sympathize with Rehan Chaudhary’s character as well as Shayan Malik’s; feel sorry for Yumna Zaidi’s the girl next door charm but when the going gets tough, every character takes the center stage and become the hero, delivering thunderous dialogues that would make the filmgoers of the Golden era stand up and applaud.

The philosophy behind each dialogue matches the characters which is an outstanding achievement as the middle-class Haafiz sahib played by Rehan Sheikh has the typical middle class answer to his daughter’s query whereas the bureaucratic Malik sahib as portrayed by Noor ul Hassan commands his son to listen to him because the logic he presents could only have come from his mind. That’s the brilliance of Zafar Mairaj!

Kashif Nisar At His Best

To understand a writer, you have to have someone who understands writing and no one can do that better than Kashif Nisar.The writer-turned-director knows how to use his cards and that’s why he sticks to the writers he understands and vice versa.

It would have been nearly impossible for someone to direct this Zafar Mairaj script but with Kashif Nisar, going back and forth was fun; understanding the characters was a process to cherish; knowing the next move became intriguing and realizing the truth was nothing less than shocking.

A bad director would have ruined the pace of this drama but when you have the best in the business calling the shots, the pace becomes the key.

The Message Is Loud And Clear

The drama revolves around the important message ‘No Means No’ and presents it to the audience in the perfect way. The character of Hajra portrayed by Yumna Zaidi is a girl that we all know and same goes for Imran Ashraf’s Rehan Chaudhary who is a bully who doesn’t understand No.

The audience could also relate to the Hajra’s beau Shayan played by Sami Khan as he is one of them, someone who wants to do protect his love at all costs, and isn’t scared of the consequences.

The treatment is more or less like Kashif Nisar’s hit Darr Si Jati Hai Sila where whatever was shown on the screen, happened to someone we all knew. Inkaar is also the story of someone we know, and the better it makes the society understand, the better.