Five Reasons Why Zulfikar Sheikh’s ‘Sacch’ Should Make It To Your Checklist!

Film & Drama   October 19, 2019
Kudos to Kabir Lal for doing an excellent job, and giving us a film that might remind us of Pardes and Taal.

Zulfikar Sheikh’s ‘Sacch’ is one Pakistani film that doesn’t look like a run of the mill flick.

Its trailer launched yesterday and it has mesmerized the audience with its stellar cast, its locations and above all, its dialogues that remind you of the classic PTV dramas.

It is a collaboration between Elysee Productions International and Hum Films and might prove to be a success like the latter’s success story of 2019, Superstar.

Spotlight cast a light over the trailer and found it engaging, and interesting at the same time and we recommend the audience to include this film in their Checklist for December this year.

Read the five reasons below why it shouldn’t be given a miss unlike most films released this year.

Sacch has an Ensemble Cast like never before!

In order to produce a good film, one needs to have good content and cast; for a great film, an ensemble cast must be there to present the content and Sacch has the biggest cast you can imagine.

There is the evergreen Jawed Sheikh, the dashing Nauman Masood, followed by the beautiful Tasmina Sheikh, the charming Fazila Kazi and the amazing Uzma Gillani, the ladies making their feature film debuts and Nauman Masood, his comeback after his debut film Fire failed big time in 2002.

Uzma Gillani isn’t given much space in the trailer but that’s a good thing because her fans will now throng the cinemas just because of her blink and a miss appearance in the 2-minute trailer.

As for Fazila Kazi, her fans (including this scribe) were waiting for her film debut since Dasht in 1993, and even though she finally made her film debut 16 years later, one hopes it will be the start of a new beginning.

It introduces fresh faces for the audience!

And then there are the newcomers – Humayun Ashraf, Elysee Sheikh and Asad Zaman Khan. Since his debut Hijrat a few years back, Asad Zaman Khan has gone back to TV and improved his acting and that shows in the trailer of Sacch.

He looks dashing and carries himself like a Prince, using his modelling experience to the best of his abilities. He isn’t shown speaking much in the trailer but who needs to see him speak when he can remind them of Mel Gibson!

Humayun Ashraf plays the other hero in the love triangle and acts with the energy of a film actor and his fans are delighted that he is finally moving up in the world. Elysee Sheikh, the bone of contention between the two dudes, is young and seems to have come out of a Disney film; she is shown to be dancing, moving around and delivering dialogues with expressions and seems like her parents Zulfikar and Tasmina Sheikh have trained her well.

Unbelievable locations, breathtaking Cinematography

When was the last time you saw a film that reminded you of international films and not a Pakistani flick?

Sacch takes you down a road you have never travelled before because it is shot like an international film. The very first shot of a palace seems like something from a dream, followed by a subway station shot, and so forth.

If you get the feel of Bollywood films from Sacch, then don’t be surprised because the film has been shot by one of the best cinematographers in the world.

Kudos to Kabir Lal for doing an excellent job, and giving us a film that might remind us of Pardes, Taal, Kaho Na … Pyaar Hai among others.

Dialogues by Haseena Moin

Name the one writer you would want to write dialogues of your film and most of the Pakistani directors would name Haseena Moin in their top three.

Zulfikar Sheikh managed to convince her to write the dialogues of his film, and the trailer gives you hints of what will follow in December. The story seems to have an abduction, an estranged family, a love triangle, a good girl torn into her love for two men and so forth, things that happened in Haseena Moin’s dramas.

Let’s home that she manages to recreate her magic from Ankahi, Tanhayyan and other classic plays and show the audience the importance of good dialogues, in a film.

Finally, it heralds the return of the Sheikhs

The first time Pakistani dramas faced the onslaught of Indian dramas in the late 90s, it was Tasmina and Zulfiqar Sheikh who managed to save Pakistani dramas by giving it a new direction.

With Des Pardes, Aansoo, The Castle: Aik Umeed and others, they literally changed the way dramas were made in Pakistan, and provided the audience with a chance to scout locations for their trips abroad.

With Sacch, the husband-wife duo is back with a film that reminds you of Hollywood than local cinema because of the way it has been shot, edited and presented. It might not change the scope of the audience instantly, but it will go down history as the film that took the first step in the right direction.