Five things to expect from Aangan

Film & Drama   December 8, 2018
For those who have seen Sang e Mar Mar, the name of Mustafa Afridi is a good enough reason to watch Aangan.

Undoubtedly the most anticipated TV serial of 2018 Aangan is all set to debut soon on Hum TV.

With a cast to die for and a writer-director duo that has delivered the few of the best serials in the channel’s history, Aangan is all set to take you in the 1940s and keep you engrossed in an era when United India was one, Pakistan was on the verge of being created and being a poet wasa huge deal.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that one can expect fromthe upcoming drama which is less than a week away!

Handsome Hunks in the Ensemble Cast

When was the last time a TV drama had an ensemble cast that comprised of some of the most handsome actors around?

Relive the golden era with Ahsan Khan 🎥 ⏳ #Aangan coming soon on #HUMTV

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Instead of going back in time to find the answer, wait for Aangan where Ahsan Khan, Ahad Raza Mir, Shehroz Sabzwari and Ali Rizvi form the handsome hunks from the current era where as the extremely good-looking Abid Ali, Omair Rana, and Mustafa Afridi comprise of the elderlies. It seems strange for Omair Rana who turned 40 earlier this year but being a theatre veteran means that age is just a number for him.

Bewitching Beauties, Back In Time

And then there were the ladies played by Mawra Hocane, Sajal Aly, Hira Mani and Rabia Butt who need no introduction since they have been part of the biggest TV dramas inthe last few years.

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While Mawra and Sajal play the younger heroines, Rabia Butt plays a Hindu widow while Hira Mani is shown to be friends with him, followed by the evergreen Zeb Rehman and the versatile Madiha Rizvi playing mothers to some of these actresses.

Mustafa Afridi – The Man with the Golden Pen

For those who have seen Aseerzadi and Sang e Mar Mar, the name of Mustafa Afridi is a good enough reason to watch Aangan. The handsome writer knows how to play with words and that’s what makes his plays different from others.

Aangan OST 

He is also making an appearance as one of the main characters which make the play all the more interesting. He brings the shock value to the serial as people were curious as to who the actor was in the sherwani topi in the teaser and why they haven’t seen him before. Now you know who that is!

Ehteshamuddin – The Director Par Excellence

When the director of a play is an accomplished writer himself, he not only gets what the writer wants but also adds depth to the screenplay.

#BTS | Mawra Hocane & director Ehteshamuddin looking for the perfect shot! 🎥📺#Aangan coming soon on #HUMTV

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Ehteshamuddin is one such director who has given countless hits on TV such as Sadqay Tumhare, Aseerzadi, and Udaari and is all set to raise the bar high with his latest attempt. He knows how to extract the best from his actors and that’s why no one thought twice as to how he would manage such an ensemble cast as most of them have worked with him as either an actor or under his direction.

Going Down the Memory Lane

Making a period play is a daunting task because the era depicted on screen is different from the era off-screen.

That’s why the team at Momina Duraid Productions chose Wazirabadand Lahore for Aangan where most of the scenes were shot under thewatchful eyes of cinematographer Khizer Idress. In all the teasers, you get the feeling of another period drama Dastaan and other period plays and that’s a plus in every way.

One hopes that the whole drama gives the feeling of being in the past so that the audience can escape into the final days of United India and get entertained in the process.