Food – The new love of Karachiites

Blogs   April 30, 2018
Want to have some good food? Try these 3 places.

Gone are the days when Karachi was termed as the City of Lights – not because electricity has become scarce in the city but because food has become the love of Karachi-ites. Even residential areas these days house restaurants which is something that didn’t happen in the past. If you are feeling hungry and have money in your wallet, then Karachi offers you the best deals in town. Here are a few such places where good food is combined with good decor to make you feel at ease.

Chaaye Khana

Islamabad’s most happening place is now in Karachi and people here are loving the fact that they now have a Chaaye Khana of their own. CK was one of the must-visit places in Islamabad and is fast attaining the same status in Karachi where it is becoming a meeting place for the young, the old and the rest.

Positive The food is mouthwatering, the ambiance is perfect and the service is impeccable. You get to choose from a menu that has everything besides the chaaye which is a must have even if you are not a tea drinker. They serve tea in the best way possible, unlike other outlets that prepare tea just like we do at home.  The place has enough space to house many people at the same time so you don’t have to worry about not finding a seat. The place is decorated in a novel way and to experience that, you have to visit the place because disclosing it here will be like a spoiler.

Negative Since Chaaye Khana is a new phenomenon to Karachi, people visit the place just for tea when it can serve you better stuff than that. People also don’t leave the place, preferring to stay for lengthy periods and that’s something they should consider the next time someone prolongs his or her stay. The food’s quality, as well as quantity, should also be monitored regularly to make it stand out as the Chaaye Khana in the city where everyone loves tea!

Verdict – If you haven’t been to the Chaaye Khana, go there to experience top-class snacks, tea, and delicacies. You will find posters of vintage movies, be able to sit on classic wooden tables and read books that you bring with yourself or borrow from the vicinity under dim lights. You can have Breakfast in the morning, Salads and Soups when you are in the mood, order Sandwiches that remind you of the best you may have eaten, get Special dishes and snacks alongside Bakery items and desserts. And then there is the outstanding Chaaye that is not to be missed at any cost!


If you feel like eating without hearing the chattering of kids or away from the picturesque view (and air) of the Sea, then Cafeela is the best place to be. It is one of those restaurants that feel more ‘like home’ because the waiters make you feel special while the food isn’t that expensive. In fact, if you take your friends there, you will come out as a satisfied customer in every way which possible.

Positive The food is excellent; it doesn’t matter whether you are a foodie or not; love beef, mutton or chicken. Everything here is fresh and served hot. They continuously change their menu on a daily basis so that returning customers don’t find the menu repetitive. Fresh Kababs, Karhais, Handis, snacks and even Aloo Qeema is a must-try with the fresh rotis and accessories such as raita and salad. The service is near perfect as well as all the waiters are dressed in traditional white, know their menu and give advice to confused first-timers like a pro.

Negative Like other eateries, Cafeela has a depressing interior but that’s because people come here to relax, not watch Football matches on their big screen. The place becomes crowded on weekends and the owners might have to do something about it in coming days. There are parking issues too, despite the presence of a valet; the vicinity has offices and banks and that’s why it’s difficult to find a spot for your car before Maghrib.

Verdict – With Karachi’s eatery market expanding, finding the better place has become a challenge but Cafeela fulfills all requirements of a good eatery. Fresh, clean and ready to serve you, this place is loved by a; those who visit it. Late Bollywood actor Om Puri was the one who referred it to me, saying that he doesn’t feel like an old man when he visits the place.

Casa Villa

Amongst the many restaurants that have opened in Karachi recently, Casa Villa in DHA Karachi is one of the best. You don’t just get to eat good food but also experience the amazing environment that makes the eating a pleasure. It is a great place where you can go with friends, throw a party or visit with a date, depending on what the occasion is.

Positive Whatever your heart desires is available at this wonderful place – pasta, sandwich, burgers, snacks and even steaks that are well done like the rest of the food. You can start with a soup or an appetizer and then move over to Chinese, Thai, Sandwiches, Burgers, Sea Food, Steaks and Poultry items that will make you feel special, for the right reasons. The menu offers more than you can eat so better take a friend or more to consume the best dishes in town.

Negative The service might vary a little depending on the customers in the vicinity; the lighting is dim too which can be made a little brighter to brighten the sitting area. Since the place has good free space, you might experience some families bringing in their kids to run around, which can be handled with a separate play area in the future. The valet wasn’t present when I went but that doesn’t mean that it’s usually absent; it would be better if they increase the staff because the place is becoming popular.

Verdict – Don’t visit the place if you don’t value your food because the price is a little higher than other restaurants. But that’s because the food is better as well as is the ambiance and the servings. If you have friends from out of the city, then do take them to this place; they will love it with the bottom of their stomachs.