Freshness is the key in Ready Steady No Trailer

Film & Drama   April 29, 2019
It seems to be a family entertainer that’s based in Lahore but has the Karachi flavor.

Ready Steady No Trailer

Ready Steady No Trailer

There are good trailers, there are bad trailers and then there are trailers that fall in neither category because:
a) it is too fresh to be consumed
b) you don’t get much about the story from these two-minute releases.

Shoaib Mansoor’s former assistant director Hisham Bin Munawwar turns full-fledged director with his debut movie Ready Steady No where he uses fresh actors (three debutantes at least) in place of renowned ones to give the feel of characters than actors, and he might have succeeded in his quest.

Why the trailer is worth your while, is something to ponder, and we will make things easy for you by going through it, step by step.

Freshness is the key!

One look at the trailer and you will see that there are three people from the main cast who haven’t worked in a film before, including the leading man Faisal Saif, Zain Afzal and veteran TV actress Nargis Rasheed.

Amna Ilyas’ last film as the leading lady Good Morning Karachi was released more than four years back, although she had a supporting role in last year’s 7 Din Mohabbat In. Marhoom Ahmad Bilal has done just one film where he was pitted opposite Ali Zafar in Teefa In Trouble while watching Ismail Tara and Ashraf Khan together reminds you of Fifty Fifty.

The presence of Salman Shahid and Nayyar Ejaz keeps the balance in favor of the veterans but they do look good in whatever we see of them in the trailer.

The story might seem relatable or something that you many have even already watchable many times but the point is, you don’t get to realize that the Moulana is TV actor Zain Afzal, the leading man Faisal Saif is doing this for the first time and the smoking hot Amna Ilyas looks even more beautiful in the character of Razia.

She not only looks every bit the heroine we need in our film but can dance as well, which is a combo most directors would cherish.

Giving the Lollywood touch without being stinky

Recently, most films from Lahore have had one thing in common – toilet humor – and even their trailers stunk.

Thankfully, Ready Steady No looks better than Jackpot, Blind Love, Shor Sharaba and many similarly themed films which tainted the Lollywood brand by being below the belt and over the top with their toilet jokes. Yes the characters seem something from the 1970’s and 1980’s but that’s because the flavor of the good old days when playing with dialogs was worth more than falling down both literally and figuratively.

There isn’t one objectionable word in the trailer here, and one could expect something good this time around from the makers who have tried to come up with a family entertainer that’s based in Lahore but has the Karachi flavor.

Luck favors the brave

The makers of Ready Steady No must be commended for breaking the norm and going for a non-holiday weekend, something that is considered unthinkable in our film industry.

Besides Ali Zafar’s Teefa In Trouble, not many films have gone for a non-Eid release and the decision might actually help the film as they will be pitted against The Lion King, followed a week later by Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw before the Eid ul Azha releases hit the screens.

Yes it is a tricky situation but with the World Cup over and cinemas doing better than today, this move might prompt others to make a brave decision of not going for either of the Eids but for any of the other 50 remaining weeks in the year.

By releasing their trailer ahead of one the two Eid ul Fitr releases, they have made their intentions clear that they mean business.