Hasnain Lehri is one of a kind!

Latest   July 4, 2019
Known for his spellbinding face, Hasnain Lehri has made his name in the modelling world.

The name’s Lehri, Hasnain Lehri.

Being born into a Baloch family and to a father who is the Sardar of the Lehri tribe in Quetta, it was not easy for Hasnain to convince his family for his passion for modelling.

Entering the industry in 2014, Hasnain has come very far yet very close to his goal. Being the A-lister model for the top brands, Hasnain is found on almost every catalog, billboard and magazine cover.

Here are some of his looks that made us scream OMG!

1- One thing is proof he was adorable since childhood

2- Who’s the real flower everyone?

3- He completely slayed the ‘malang look’

4- I mean come on, who’s the real view here?

5- If looks could kill had a face

6- We all love some grapes, don’t we?

7- Makes you wanna be patriotic, doesn’t he?

8- He even makes smoking look good!

9- Does this picture even need a caption??

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10- It’s definitely getting hot in here!