Hit and misses: Lux Style Awards 2019 Nominations

Blogs   April 2, 2019
Did your favorites get nominated for Lux Style Awards 2019?

A lot happened in the year 2018, especially for the Hum Network – both TV and Films.

Some of the best films were released by HUM Films while HUM TV continued to raise bars by producing quality content and introducing newcomers to the industry.

That’s why when the nominations for this year Lux Style Awards were announced, Hum Network was right there at the top with most nominations in Films and TV categories. Let’s take a look at those who are part of the awards (and those who missed the bus) while performing through the platform of Hum.

Best Film

Hit – Cake was released worldwide under the Hum Films banner and became one of the surprise hits of the year, considering it was more of an art film than a commercial one. Every actor who was part of the film was praised for their performance and director Asim Abbasi was credited for ushering a breath of fresh air in an industry where newcomers usually take the tried and tested way to succeed.

Miss – Hum TV’s most successful film yet – Parwaaz Hai Junoon – was snubbed as the Best Film despite coming second to Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 last year. It was not only the first film produced in collaboration with Pakistan Air Force in the last 50 years but also introduced Ahad Raza Mir as a film star in the making. The film at least deserved the Best Film nomination for being different and a proud project from Pakistan.

Best Director

Both the directors of Cake and Parwaaz Hai Junoon were recognized in this category which is a proud moment for Hum Films. The two young directors worked hard to achieve their dreams and gave the audience something they weren’t expecting, earning the nomination through sheer hard work.

Best Actor

Hit – Adnan Malik hadn’t done a film before Cake while Mohammad Ahmed had appeared in supporting roles before he said yes to Asim Abbasi’s movie. However, when the film was released, the two acted like veterans and impressed all with their performances. Had they not been nominated in the Best Actor category, it would have been wrong and that’s why their inclusion in the list is commendable.

Miss – One fails to understand why crowd favorite Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ahad Raza Mir were snubbed for their performance in Parwaaz Hai Junoon, especially when the final vote is in the hands of the audience. They both were fantastic in the film as PAF officers and deserved a nomination at least, if not an award.

Best Actress

Hit – Aamina Sheikh and Sanam Saeed were known as TV actresses who worked in films but after Cake, no one has any doubt about their credentials as film actresses who can do justice to any kind of roles. Their performance in the 11-minute one-take scene is fabulous during the film and must have been on the minds of the jury members when they were shortlisting the candidates.

Miss – Hania Aamir was the only female lead in Parwaaz Hai Junoon and it would have been great had she been nominated since she stood her ground in front of both Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ahad Raza Mir. Her snub has shocked her fans who were looking forward to her victory speech at the LSA 2019.

Best Playback Singer

When you have an Atif Aslam song in the film – Tham Lo in Parwaaz Hai Junoon – then you are bound to be nominated because the singer hardly disappoints. The other song from a HUM Films’ project Meri Duniya from Cake by The Sketches and Natasha Baig also got nominated and might even give Atif Aslam a run for the money in the voting process.

Best TV Play

And then there were the TV plays Dar Si Jati Hai Sila and Suno Chanda that were not only the biggest hits of the year but also one of the most popular dramas in the last 10 years. It will be a close fight between the two dramas that were aired on HUM TV and left a mark, with Suno Chanda releasing its second season later this year.

Best TV Play Director

Hit – The directors of both the plays – Ahsan Talish for Suno Chanda and Kashif Nisar for Dar Si Jati Hai Sila – deserved a nomination as their projects were the most popular during the last 12 months. They were aided by best actors but in the absence of a good director, even the best of actors fail.

Miss – Actor turned director Saife Hassan deserved a nomination for Belapur Ki Dayan which was a horror serial, something we usually don’t see on our TV. Bad luck!

Best TV Writer

The year 2018 was the year of Dar Si Jati Hai Sila and Bee Gul was rightly nominated for scripting the play, highlighting the social evils and villains posing as the good guys in our society.

Best TV Actor

Hit – Nauman Ejaz is one of the finest actors we have in Pakistan and his acting in Dar Si Jati Hai Sila was phenomenal. He may not be an awards person but this year, he was outstanding in a negative role and earned the nomination through hard work.

Miss – He may not be a professional actor but Farhan Saeed did an excellent job in Suno Chanda and should have been there in the list.

Best TV Actress

Iqra Aziz’s performance in Suno Chanda was a rage and she rightly finds herself in the nominations with more senior actresses; who knows she might win the battle this time around.

Best Original Sound Track

Two of the most popular soundtracks of the year – Aangan (Farhan Saeed & Naveed Nashad) and Dar Si Jati Hai Sila (Yasira Haseeb) also made HUM TV proud by getting a nomination for being the best.

Best Emerging Talent

And then there was the emerging talent and who can forget Amar Khan’s terrifying take in Belapur ki Dayan; the smart Nabeel Zubairi who became the national crush through Suno Chanda and the impressive Osama Tahir who was one of the reasons why people tuned to Dar Si Jati Hai Sila every week.

Hum TV Network is proud of all the nominations and wishes them all the best for the Lux Style Awards that will take place later this year.