HUM TV sweeps LSA 2019 with 7 trophies!

Latest   July 8, 2019
Hum TV’s very own Iqra Aziz won not one but two awards. Isn't it great?


It was a night to remember for all those who have been believing in Hum Network.

Both Hum TV and Hum Films came out winners last night at the Lux Style Awards where they won as many as seven awards, more than any other TV channel.

Be it the meticulously made Cake or the super hit Suno Chanda, Lux Style Awards acknowledged the hard work of the countless people behind these projects.

Let’s take a look at the categories in which Hum TV or Films won, who did the defeat and above all, what were the (possible) reasons behind the victory:

Best TV play

The first award that went to Hum TV was that of BEST TV PLAY that was won by everyone’s favorite Suno Chanda that was declared better than the rest. The other dramas in the category included the super popular Khaani, the fantastic Aisi Hai Tanhai, the popular Dil Mom Ka Diya and Dar Si Jati Hai Sila which won the awards in other categories.

The reason why Suno Chanda might have edged out the competition is that it was aired for 30 consecutive days in Ramazan and featured the story of a household that is closer to ours. There were mature characters, eccentric ones and even those we loved to hate, and that’s the reason why the viewers must have votes for it in a huge quantity. Also there was the chemistry between Arsal and Jiya who were inseparable, lovable and became part of our lives.

Best TV play director

And after the Best TV play, there is BEST TV PLAY DIRECTOR, the award of which went to Kashif Nisar, the man behind Dar Si Jati Hai SilaHe managed to edge out another Hum TV nominee Ahsan Talish (Suno Chanda) for the trophy as well as Anjum Shahzad (Khaani), Qasim Ali Mureed (ARY Digital’s Aangan) and Shahid Shafat (Dil Mom Ka Diya).

Kashif Nisar who is a strong favorite for the award this year with Ranjha Ranjha Kardi as well is known for not wasting the audience’s time and gets to the point. In Dar Si Jati Hai Silahe did exactly that and kept the audience engaged without going overboard. In his victory speech, he added that he directed the play because he wanted to convey the message to his daughters, aged 13 and 10, and people in the audience who don’t have the courage to stand up against injustice.

Best TV writer

When the Best TV Play and Best TV Play Director award goes to one play, the BEST TV WRITER award must go to the same play, right? The wonderful Bee Gul clinched the trophy for writing Dar Si Jati Hai Sila and edged out tough competition that included Asma Nabeel (Khaani) and Faiza Iftikhar (Aangan) alongside Amna Mufti (Ghuggi) and Zanjabeel Asim Shah (Balaa).

In her award acceptance speech, Bee Gul told the audience that Dar Si Jati Hai Sila will always be close to her heart since it connected her to many real-life victims through emails, messages and social media who told her their stories of victimization and how her drama helped them realize that enough is enough.

Best TV actor

He may have missed the BEST TV ACTOR – VIEWERS’ CHOICE but there is no doubt in Nauman Ejaz’s talent as a diverse actor. He managed to win the Critics’ Award for Best TV Actor for playing the monster Joyee who terrorizes Sila and her mother because they are too afraid to resist and stand up for each other.

The other actors in the category that couldn’t win included Sami Khan (Khudgarz), Bilal Abbas (Balaa), Feroze Khan (Khaani), and Qavi Khan (ARY Digital’s Aangan). Nauman Ejaz wasn’t there to collect his award but we all know that the actor who keeps on delivering hits every year isn’t fond of award ceremonies and wants to remain oblivious to his achievements despite their number outgrowing others’.

Best TV actress

And finally, there was the double delight of BEST TV ACTRESS category where Hum TV’s very own Iqra Aziz won not one but two awards, both the VIEWER’S CHOICE and CRITIC’S CHOICE. Although many might not agree with both the awards going to the same person, she was selected by the audience who loved her in Suno Chanda

Her recent drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi might have been instrumental in her victory because she won the race in front of stiff competition from Sana Javed (Khaani), Neelam Muneer (Dil Mom Ka Diya), Sonya Hussyn (Aisi Hai Tanhai) and Ushna Shah (Balaa) who were in no way lesser actors.

Best Film

And when it was HUM FILMS’ chance to excel, they excelled in their own limited way. The BEST FILM award went to Asim Abbasi’s Cake which not only won hearts in Pakistan but also abroad as it is one of the most in-demand flicks on Netflix.

The film had to win a battle that also included the most successful Pakistani film of all time (Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2)the socially relevant Load Wedding, the Zenith Irfan biopic Motorcycle Girl and Ali Zafar’s debut Pakistani film Teefa in Trouble that raised the bar high in many aspects.

And if you think that’s all, think again because when in the music category, Atif Aslam won the award for Thaam Lo from Parwaaz Hai Junoon, another HUM FILMS venture that went onto do well at the box office last year.

The other nominations in the category included Arif Lohar’s Tillay Wali Jooti (Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2), Mulazim Hussain & Missal Zaidi’s Rangeya (Load Wedding) and Shuja Haider’s Donkey Raja (Donkey King) which has become children’s favorite song from last year.