LUX HUM Women Leaders Award is an initiative by HUM Network Limited – Pakistan’s premier television network, to recognize and honour the contributions and achievements of iconic women from Pakistan and around the world who are change makers in their respective fields and a symbol and source of hope, courage, determination and inspiration for women across the globe.

These iconic women are mentors and role models for girls who aspire to be achievers. In the words of Melinda Gates ‘Women speaking up for themselves and for those around them is the strongest force we have to change the world’. The aim of these awards is to encourage women to think big and continue the legacy of HUM Network which has always advocated empowerment of women through its content.



Women play a very important role in our society, but they are not celebrated in the manner that they deserve. I have always felt that all those women who have been agents of change in Pakistan and internationally, need to be acknowledged. So starting this year, HUM Network is initiating the Lux Hum Women Leaders Award to recognise and honour such incredible women at both national and international level every year. Hopefully, these women would serve as inspirational role models for our future generations.

I would like to project these outstanding women through our network, which is beamed across the world. Unfortunately, we do not highlight the positive aspects of our beautiful country, especially its women, who have taken tremendous strides in all walks of life and made their presence felt on the international scene as well. The awards are also intended to serve as a platform for an exchange of ideas between women from Pakistan and other countries with the intent of improving the status and plight of women across the globe.



Women in Pakistan and throughout the world are blessed with enormous skills and capabilities. History is replete with names of women who have achieved tremendous success in all fields of life. However,  making a name and a place in a male-dominated world has never been easy for a woman. But the good news is that women today, through sheer perseverence and hard work, are creating spaces for themselves in the corporate and the professional world. They are now CEOs, bankers, lawyers, human rights activists, diplomats - and the list runs on. Many have achieved the exalted status of leaders and change-makers in assorted fields Angela Merkle, Christine Lagarde and Sultana Siddiqui are some of the names that come to mind who braved hardships but emerged stronger and made it to the top.

The Lux Hum Women Leaders Award are intended to highlight the amazing contribution of such accomplished women in all spheres of life and, additionally, for making the world a better place to live in.