I am glad people liked our pair. Ahad and I have worked hard to make it possible: Alizeh Shah

Latest   September 25, 2019
From Daldal to Baandi, Superstar and now Ehd e Wafa, Alizeh Shah is here to stay!

From Superstar to Ehd e Wafa: the Bubbly Beauty Alizeh Shah is taking the Entertainment Industry by storm

Post-release of Hum TV’s Superstar, one could easily spot the rising starlet Alizeh Shah becoming a social media darling.

Be it her doll-like face, expressive eyes, fierce energy or her coy smile, the eighteen-year-old has appeared as a fire-cracker who is eager to set the entertainment arena ablaze with her acting prowess.

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From Daldal to Baandi, Superstar and now Ehd e Wafa; Alizeh has skyrocketed to stardom and has already worked with some of the finest celebrities in the industry.

Critics lauded her fun and fabulous performance as the star-struck and bubbly Chutki in Superstar. Her silver screen debut as Mahira Khan’s sister earned her a thumbs up and bagged her a promising future in showbiz.

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ohh & BTW ! Im wearing the smile you gave me 🐰🐣

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It has been an even a welcoming surprise to witness her paired across Ahad Raza Mir in the potential blockbuster, Ehd e Wafa. We bet this project will be a bigger game-changer for the stunner and is bound to have other directors enlist her in their projects.

Hum Spotlight caught up with the new trailblazer in town for a candid interview over her rise to fame. From her favorite co-star to her role in Ehd e Wafa, we find out everything there is to know about her.

Meet the young and the restless Alizeh Shah

Being a young starlet, how it feels to be a part of massive projects like Superstar and Ehd e Wafa?

It felt great because both of these projects are amongst the biggest projects of Pakistan, especially Ehd e Wafa because of its collaboration with ISPR.

I have been a huge fan of Alpha Bravo Charlie. So I was so happy to be part of it. I am thankful to Momina Bhabhi for being so kind to me and seeing the true potential in me.

Were you expecting such positive reviews from your performance in Superstar?

I wasn’t expecting anything because you never know what people may like, but yes I had worked really hard. So I was hoping for positive reviews.

Tell us about your role in Ehd e Wafa

In Ehd e Wafa, I am playing the character of a girl who is young but very intelligent. She has an undying love for art. She exactly knows why and what she’s doing which is quite different than what I have done in the past.

You have shared screen space with bigwigs like Bilal Ashraf and Mahira Khan. How was your experience working with them?

It was amazing. They both are great actors and good humans. I have learned a lot from Mahira because most of my scenes were with her.

Social media is loving your pair with Ahad Raza Mir which has been fresh and new for the audience. How has your chemistry been with him?

I am glad people liked our pair. Ahad and I have worked hard to make it possible.

I would say I have been blessed to work with good co-actors before Ehd e Wafa. People also liked my couple with Imran Abbas. He is a great actor and even better human and I learned immensely from him.

On a parting note, what is next for Alizeh?

There are some good projects. I am on the stage of reading scripts so I can’t really say much but something definitely good is on its way.

On a lighter note

Describe yourself in three words

Observant, Impatient and Socially Conscious

 Favorite co-star

Armeena Rana Khan

First celebrity crush

That’s for me to know and you to find out

Hottest actress in Pakistan’s entertainment industry today


Name the coolest actor of all-Ahad Raza Mir, Imran Abbas or Bilal Ashraf

Imran Abbas

What is the most hilarious rumor that you have heard about yourself?

I don’t know about rumor but Wikipedia says I am 24 and I am actually 18

Name one celebrity who always arrives late onset

All of them

Movies or dramas: which medium do you prefer more?