I believe there are no shortcuts to learn or achieve fame, there should be patience: EMU

Latest   April 6, 2018
"It’s been 16 years since Fuzon was formed and I will never let that go because we gave blood to this band."

Imran better known as Emu is a composer, musician, key board player with a talent for blending inventiveness and technology in his compositions which speak for themselves in his solo and band Fuzon’s performances’.

We got hold of this amazing musician who spoke about his past, present, and future in music and life.

On achieving his dream to be a musician

The youngest in the family I am the only one who’s into music. I worked really hard to get where I am today in the world of music.  In the early 80s’ I started learning music and my parents supported me morally but couldn’t afford the expenses so I used to give tuitions to make my dream possible.

I am blessed as they never stopped me from doing what I wanted to do. I used to listen to music and my brother who was in Japan sent me a keyboard. I was over the moon and never looked back from that time. I would go to Azhar Hussain Sahab, Robin John, Nizar Lalani and Niaz Ahmed Sahab who helped me tremendously. A time came when I had to sell my keyboard to support my family but I didn’t lose hope and did tuitions again for two years to make ends meet. I have been really patient all the way.

So, you had decided that music was your forte?

With hard work and music being my passion, I never gave up as I knew it was my calling. My mentor Nizar Lalani who’s a musician and a composer, helped me a lot and I used to go to his studio to learn music regularly.

A time came when I wanted to do something on my own and I met Mohsin Raza Khan (Bunny) in 1996 and he was a source of inspiration for me and helped me in my hard times. I was with him till 1999 and then I met Junaid Jamshed, Ali Haider, Hadiqa Kiani and others. In 2000 I made my own studio and I met Shallum and Shafqat. Shallum and I are inseparable and work together and will never part ways. We have that sense of understanding and together we create powerful music.

 Shafqat wanted to form a band and thus we became Fuzon. Our music contained a mix of pop rock and eastern classical music.  Shallum and I were inclined towards western music and Shafqat ragas, we created a balance by bringing in ragas and created Ankhon ke Saghar, Tere Bina, Khamaj and Dewanay. These songs catapulted us to fame.

We crossed the barrier and our first Album Saghar had nine hits altogether. After our success Rohail Hyatt, a dear friend of mine, said ‘After getting hit, the next step is to maintain it’. We introduced ragas such as Malhaar and Madwanti in our music. We are eastern musicians and catered to both youth and seniors.

On Fuzon and solo performances

It’s been 16 years since Fuzon was formed and I will never let that go because we gave blood to this band. As a music producer I have done many solo projects, one of them being Heer Ranja (Ishq). I was the composer of the music and it was for an international programme which I did for Huma and Farooq Baig who have a company Serendip which does documentaries and musicals and are based in England.

I also did a documentary film on Quaid-e-Azam. I have made a label Emex Record for good musicians who are underprivileged, to support them and give them the platform that they don’t get otherwise.

On Shafqat and Fuzon’s difference of opinion

There was a conflict of vision with Shafqat so we parted ways on a friendly note and with good feelings without grudges.

On being married to the dynamic icon of the beauty industry Nabila

I met Nabila in Indus Music Awards (IMA) in 2005. I had golliwog hair and she said would you like to model and I got really excited, but nothing happened (laughs). We never met after that but after four months when the programme got aired she messaged me, again silence! But we started meeting and talking on phone now and then and got to know each other well after that. We married in 2008.

On stepping into Acting

To be honest I was never interested in acting because mainly I am a musician, it’s my credibility and something what I own. I want to be known as a music composer and a musician not an actor. Thanks to Shan who persuaded me to do the character for movie ‘Arth’ that’s why I acted in it.

It was a musical, romantic emotional-based song film. I don’t want my fans to be confused of who I actually am; I am focused only on music but I am multi-talented and I will act again if I get the chance but not in serials as they are time consuming!

Is there any message you would like to give to young people?

It took me 28 years to be where I am today. I believe there are no shortcuts to learn or achieve fame, there should be patience. I have seen people who go for shortcuts and don’t believe in hard work. When there is no pain there’s no gain!

This article was originally published in GLAM Magazine.