I love playing a character that has layers in it: Faryaal Mehmood on Daasi

Latest   October 21, 2019
Faryal Mehmood is Killing it as Aaliya in Daasi! Do you agree?

Tall, dusky and unapologetically bold, the dancing diva Faryal Mehmood turns heads wherever she goes.

One might wonder what it is about this svelte beauty that just lures you towards her. Is it her dramatic eyes, her mischievous smile or her crackling charm? Maybe it is her sunny, high-spirited public persona and the fact that she is gradually proving her acting chops with various projects.

With several dramas and a web-series in her kitty, Faryal is all set to debut on the silver screen with a massive bang with not one but with three major movies.

Currently, the rising starlet has gained the media limelight for her role across Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain in Hum TV’s Daasi. Spunky, smart and full of fire; Aaliya might be a supporting character, but one that will turn the tables for all in the plot.

Hum TV Spotlight enjoyed a cozy chat with the star in the making to dish more about her role as Aaliya.

Read on to know what she divulged about her role in Daasi, her love of dancing and what’s coming up next!

Despite your supporting role in the drama, fans are loving your bubbly avatar and dramatic expressions as Aaliya. How did you prepare for the role?

It all started when Sharjeel and Anila asked me to do this character. When I read it, I understood why they have picked me to play it. Because the character has so many shades and I love playing something that has so many layers, a character that has layers in it.

So I and Mohsin Bhai sat and worked on her weirdness, her awkwardness, and her imperfections. We wanted people to know that there is something just not right about her. But she is still sweet and loving. Also, she is very dramatic and emotional at the same time.


How do you think your character is relatable to real-life?

One of my very close friends, whom I have grown with, I am just playing her. She is the actual Alia. Her name is Maya. She is not from the industry. She is someone I have known since I have been a baby. She is exactly the way Alia is. When she is happy for someone, she gets really glad for them.

She is very clean at heart, very pure, very innocent and clear about things. She doesn’t judge anyone or anything. If she loves you, she accepts you for what you are. Be it Sunehri and her tantrums, her anger. Or her brother who is all angry and big brotherly. However, she loves them and accepts them for who they are and she is willing to do anything for them.

That’s how exactly my best friend is. Character-wise, I have stolen a few things from her that I added to Aalia. A few things- the awkwardness, the lying that is going to come up are a few things that we and the script intended to add. But the initial Aalia is my best friend, Maya.

In regards to the current story pacing in the drama, what will be your advice to Aaliya, Sunehri, and Aahil?

I think Aaliya, Aahil, and Sunheri should sit and have a talk (laughs). Aadil should also be a part of this conversation. So a lot of misunderstandings would actually come clean and everyone will understand what is going on. However, that is the story and that’s how it goes.

How has your experience been so far working with Mawra Hocane, Adeel Hussain and Furqan Qureshi?

I have worked before with Mawra when I was very new in the industry. I did ‘Mein Bushra’ with her and it has always been great working with her. She is great energy to be on set with. She is very professional, she is always on time and very dedicated and passionate about what she is doing. Also, she is fun to be around.

Adeel keeps us very entertained on the set. There is a lot he brings to this play and the set. I have had a great time working with these two.

Furqan, on the other hand, is an amazing actor whom I have really enjoyed working with him. Later, in the episodes, more of my scenes are going to be with him. And I have more work with him. The chemistry is great and he is very talented. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to work with such a great team.

I will also mention Mohsin Talat here. I look forward to seeing him on set every day. He is just that person that you want to meet every day. He has that energy and vibe that you want in your life. Everything is positive on the set because of the director and has been an amazing person to be with.

You are a passionate dancer and social media goes crazy over your dance videos. Ever thought of doing choreography for Pakistani movies?

I have thought of choreography. But I think I will call myself a good performer rather than a good dancer. Because when I dance, it’s just there and then. And I come up with the moves while going with the flow and the music. By the end of it or two seconds later, if you ask me what step I did, I forget.

However, if I really put my mind to it and would just do this, then I think I will able to choreograph.

But with acting, I will not choreograph. But would want a great choreographer to choreograph me. Because every dancer gets tired of his or her owns style. I am at that point that I want to try out new things and want to learn other people’s ways of dancing.

Soon debuting in Pakistani movies with not one but three films already signed, how has your transition been from television to dramas?

I wouldn’t really call it a transition from dramas to movies. I would still do TV if I am signing films. I would be doing a good script no matter what it is if it’s a short film if it’s a web series or a commercial if it’s a play or a drama or theater or movie. If it’s a good script, I am willing to do it.

With a massive following on social media, there are bound to be haters. What is your tip to deal with them?

I don’t actually deal with haters. I feel that everyone has an opinion. And with social media being so convenient to everyone, I think all become entitled to an opinion. What I can do is to make myself away from them. And just not deal with them, not get into the drama.

I am a very drama-free person and like to stay away from drama. Even though I know there are a few things that I say now and then that creates drama. But that’s never my intention. I have a really dry, kind of humor. And it just comes out like that.

Any surprises in store for fans in 2020?

Let’s see! I want to keep those surprises a secret. Everything has its own time set. Things are happening really fast and things are happening.

I don’t know where will I be next year and I don’t want to limit myself with anything that I say. I am working on three films right now. So the release of all those movies are bound to happen by next year, hopefully,

I am working on a play right now that is produced by Aijaz Aslam. I have Faysal Qureshi in the play with me. That’s bound to come. And there is much more coming up. So let’s what 2020 has in store for me.

On a lighter note:

Describe yourself in three words             

Honest, Crazy, Hungry

Favorite co-star

Naming one co-star will be unfair. I can name a few. I love working with Faysal Qureshi and Affan Waheed. I love working with so many more.

First celebrity crush

The Rock is beautiful. I think he is very hot.

Hottest actor in Pakistan’s entertainment industry today

Danyal Raheel. Period

What is the most hilarious rumor that you have heard about yourself?

The most hilarious rumor that I have heard about myself was that the reason I move from America to Pakistan was that I killed some in America. That was quite funny.

Movies or dramas: which medium do you prefer more?

I would do both. I like both dramas and movies. I feel like we need to still work on movies. From the casting to the production, to the way it’s shot to the way it’s edited, the music. We need to work on everything right now. We have aced making dramas. And we are getting better at making movies day by day. I will prefer doing both.