I’d say it’s pure luck and destiny that I am getting such diversified roles: Aamna Ilyas

Film & Drama   June 20, 2019
Amna Ilyas talks about Baaji and working with Mohsin Abbas Haider.


Amna Ilyas is one of those actresses from Pakistani cinema who tried to play different characters in almost all her films.

From ‘Good Morning Karachi’ to ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’ the young actress proved that she is here to stay. Amna’s upcoming film is Baaji, releasing on 28th June 2019 is the talk of town, where she will be performing a pivotal character opposite Meera.

Recently, Spotlight caught up with Amna and talked about Baaji and here’s how things sorted;

How did you get this character of Neha in your lap?

I accidentally got this character of Neha, I wasn’t prepared a bit for this role. But Saqib is a gem of a person, and he helped me to great extent.

This is my first venture with Saqib Malik. He made me understand the character of Neha and throughout the shoot he was very calm, polite and remained a fatherly figure for me on the sets of Baaji. It’s amazing working with him.

As the trailer is out and the film is about to release in a week’s time, what kind of responses are you receiving from your fans?

I am very lucky as I am getting very encouraging responses from fraternity, friends and fans.

They are really liking it especially the chemistry between me and Mohsin Abbas Haider. I am really looking forward to what they say once the film releases.

All your characters from ‘Zindaa Bhaag’ to ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’ and now ‘Baaji’ have different shades, is it a well thought strategy which you are following?

Well, I’d say it’s pure luck and destiny that I am getting such diversified roles with different shades to portray but I’d add that I have refused a few roles as well as I didn’t personally feel that they were for me.

I believe in not wasting myself or my talent to characters or roles which don’t appeal and interest me.

How did you prepare for the character of Neha?

The character came quite naturally to me as I am playing a girl who works in Salon and is from a lower middle-class family. I have met many girls who work in salons and with a few I am friends with as well.

It was pretty easy to get in to the skin of the character as I am friends with many girls who work in a salon, also to mention that Saqib Malik was always there to guide me so it was easy to get hold of the character.

How was working with Mohsin Abbas Haider?

Mohsin Abbas is a phenomenal actor; and I enjoyed working with him. He used to give me palpitations as he is so accurate in his performances.

Luckily in our first scene we had spot on chemistry and we decided to follow the same throughout the film.

What are your upcoming projects?

Just after Baaji I have another movie releasing ‘Ready Steady No’. It’s a fun project, a lighthearted comedy. But for now I am really looking up to Baaji.

What do you think about the web-series trend? Will you be interested in doing web series?


web-series are very much popular these days. I was recently offered a role in a web-series but I was busy in Baaji so couldn’t get my hands on it. But I am very much interested in doing web-series if anything interesting will come my way I’ll grab it.

I personally think that on web-series you have more room to play in terms of expressions and content. I am a kind of actor who if gets freedom to say and act anything I’ll perform really well.