We have a lot to say through our music: In conversation with Jasim Haider & The Pindi Boys

Latest   July 13, 2018
Pindi boys was one of the vulnerable bands competing in Pepsi Battle of Bands who received utmost appreciation from the audience.

“Our band comprises of four members. I am on vocals, rhythm guitar and harmonica. Adeel plays lead guitar, Mohsin plays bass and Eiman is on drums. Eiman is my brother and we share a similar taste in music. Adeel and I are friends since childhood years and jammed together. Eiman and Mohsin used to play for other artists together. After my song Pindi Boys got viral on social media we started playing at open-mic nights and musical evenings in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We became popular and decided to make a band and started composing and writing our own songs,” says Jasim Haider the leader of the band.

Every artist and band is unique. They have their own vision and sound. The thing that really makes the pindi boys standout is their presentation.

“We have a lot to say through our music and we are fearless to express what we feel,” Jasim shares.

Our experience at ‘Pepsi Battle of the Bands’ was a memorable experience. We were probably the only band who went all out for it. Eiman was studying in Turkey at the time. We borrowed money for his ticket and he flew to Pakistan over the weekend to attend just the audition. It was a risk worth taking and paid off. We played our hearts out. We met a lot of musicians, made a lot of friends and most of all, we learnt so much from the legends Atif Aslam, Shahi Hassan and Fawad Khan.

We have been working on our Album ‘Pindi Blues’ for the past three years and it is almost complete. We will soon announce its release on our social media platforms.

Pindi Boys is one of my singles that I released back in 2014 which got viral on social media.  Soon after its success, Internet was filled with Facebook pages and content relating to the term and ‘Pindi’ culture. Since we owned the ‘Pindi Anthem’ and were proud Pindi Boys we named our band ‘Jasim Haider and The Pindi Boys’.

One of the most beautiful things in a band is that every member brings in his own set of skills and influences. All combined, something completely new comes to life. The sound we create as a band is so unique that we had to name our own genre ourselves, so we call it the ‘Pindi Blues’

I am a filmmaker and own a production house in Rawalpindi where I create corporate show reels and documentaries but music is our first love and passion is the only fuel that makes us pursue music as a full-time career. We write the lyrics ourselves and have written all our songs. Although, we have never worked with a lyricist before but we would love to explore and experiment with one in the future

Our album is a mix of mellow and funky tracks. People have heard one side of our sound. There are songs in the album that are completely different to the quirkiness we showed in Pepsi Battle of the Bands. It took us three years to compile the album. Our first priority is to release all our songs in 2018. However, we will also be collaborating with various artists this year on really interesting projects.

This article was originally published in GLAM Magazine.