Ishq Tamasha was an achievement for me: Kinza Hashmi

Latest   January 11, 2019
Kinza says that the credit for her success goes "only and solely" to her mother.

After ruling our screens with Daldal and Ishq Tamasha, Kinza Hashmi is making us fall for her again with Tu Ishq Hai along with Faizan Khuwaja and Ali Kazmi.

We thought to bring her in the spotlight and get to know what Kinza loves/hates the most.

Here’s everything you need to know about the fastest growing social media sensation.

Who is your favourite style icon?

Beyoncé and Meghan Markle

What is your annoying habit?

I live at extremes. I am either sweet and all nice or super-irritated and stubborn. The same applies to my food and sleeping habits.

One thing that you still have or remember vividly from childhood days?

I look back for only one thing and that is childhood itself. Those days were priceless, we were actually living the moment or I can say life.

 Worst shopping mistake you have ever made?

I am a complete shopaholic and go for shopping twice in a week and spend a lot on things which I don’t even need sometimes, but I can’t stop myself from this.

 How important is family for you?

Family always stands with you when nobody else does, even if you are wrong. For me my family is my strength!

Word or phrase you say the most?

I say Masha’Allah or Insha’Allah the most.

One thing you can’t stand?

People who play mind games/ lies.

Tell us about your upcoming projects?

My upcoming projects are Maria Bint-e-Abdullah and  Wafa Lazim Tou Nahi.

Five things you don’t leave without from home?

Lip balm, power bank, Wi-Fi device, credit card and mobile/keys and much more…

What, in your opinion, has been your greatest achievement so far?

My recent HUM TV serial Ishq Tamasha was a hit, so that was an achievement for me.

Who is Kinza Hashmi in three words?

Kinza is a creative, kind and responsible girl.

Describe your dream vacation?

Any place in the world having no mobile, Internet and work. Just peace!

Who is your inspiration?

My mother! It’s hard for me to put into words how she has inspired me. She’s the reason behind my success; whatever I am today the credit goes to my mother. She made me strong independent woman and I will be thankful to her till my last breath!

This article was originally published in GLAM Magazine.